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Guest Contributors:

Jonathan Carr Small Jonathan Carr is manager, inside sales with Change Healthcare Imaging, Workflow & Care Solutions and was formerly a member of the Change Healthcare medical imaging consulting team. Read posts by Jonathan Carr:

4 Steps to Executing An HIS/RIS Conversion Project With Minimal Disruption to Radiology Systems. 

3 Ways to Tighten Healthcare Data Security 

Kurt DeYoung is the Vice President of Hospital Accounts for Barco and has an extensive background in Healthcare, Imaging and Technology business segments. Over the last twenty years, Kurt has consulted with major hospitals in North America to help improve clinical workflow, maximize investments in radiology technology and improve IT efficiencies.

Barco Healthcare provides an integrated approach to patient care across the hospital enterprise, boosting clinical performance in every department via a connected network of display systems. You’ll find Barco at every patient touch point, from the imaging exam, to the radiology reading room, to specialist consultations and treatment planning, to the surgical or interventional radiology suite to education at the patient bedside. Read posts by Kurt DeYoung:

4 Critical Factors in Determining Display Lifecycle

Jason Dvorak, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, BEAM Jason Dvorak is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for BEAM. Read posts by Jason Dvorak:

Getting Your Image Sharing and Exchange Priorities Straight

Nicole Hardin small Nicole Hardin, MS, RT, is Radiology Director at 139-bed Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, Omaha, NE. Read posts by Nicole Hardin:

Stretch Goal: Reducing imaging Study-to-Report Times From One Hour to 15 Minutes

Nathan Ing Nathan Ing is manager, enterprise architect for Change Healthcare Imaging, Workflow & Care Solutions. Read posts by Nathan Ing:

4 Considerations When Choosing The Right Enterprise Medical Imaging Solution

Navesh Kandiyil MD, MBA, is a healthcare management consultant with more than 10 years of clinical and business expertise. As a physician he has extensive knowledge of medical diagnostic and patient care services as well as a strong understanding of current principles, methodologies and performance improvement strategies involving healthcare organizations, healthcare transformations, and revenue cycle management. Read posts by Navesh Kandiyil:

What is MACRA and why does it matter to you?

MACRA – Is Radiology Ready?

Kent Moore Small Kent Moore, RT, is a solution consultant with Change Healthcare Imaging, Workflow and Care Solutions. Read posts by Kent Moore:

Are You Gaining Optimal Benefit from Your Healthcare IT System?

Past Authors:

McKesson Medical Imaging Talk Author Ohad Arazi Ohad Arazi was the senior vice president, Cardiology for Change Healthcare Imaging, Workflow & Care Solutions. He was responsible for driving and executing Change Healthcare’s cardiology product strategy for the growing family of diagnostic imaging solutions used by cardiologists and IT professionals in healthcare organizations, hospitals, imaging centers and clinics.

He is passionate about developing solutions that bridge healthcare and information technologies and believes imaging workflows can play a tremendous role in streamlining care and transitioning the industry to a value-based care approach. Follow Ohad on Twitter @ohad_arazi

Bob Baumgartner Robert (Bob) Baumgartner was previously director of product marketing for Change Healthcare Imaging and Workflow Solutions. He received a bachelor of science in nursing from Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales as well as a master of business administration with an emphasis in computer information systems from DeSales University. He is responsible for product marketing and sales support for Change Healthcare Cardiology a cardiovascular information solution (CVIS) as well as radiology, document management and laboratory solutions. Bob is currently director of tradeshows and events for Change Healthcare.
joeb Joseph D. Biegel was previously vice president of Corporate Strategy and Business Development (CSBD) for Change Healthcare Technology Solutions. Biegel was responsible for leading the strategy of the Imaging and Workflow Solutions (IWS) business of MTS. Prior to joining the Change Healthcare CSBD team, he was VP of Product Management and Marketing for the IWS business and was responsible for developing product plans and strategies for the growing family of digital diagnostic imaging solutions used by radiologists, cardiologists and IT professionals in healthcare organizations, hospitals, imaging centers and clinics.

Biegel joined Change Healthcare in 2004. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in imaging science from the Rochester Institute of Technology and now serves on the academic advisory board of RIT’s Center for Imaging Science. In addition, Joe serves as Board Chairman of Imaging the World. Follow Joe on Twitter @JoeImaging

Grant_DeCecco1 Grant DeCecco was previously an Engagement Manager at Change Healthcare with 20+ years of experience in Product Management, Program Management and Business Development. Grant has been a key manager and architect of many large enterprise initiatives such as the successful modernization of a provincial health care billing system, and a multi-year business transformation project for a national telecommunications company. His areas of specialization include Business and IT Transformational Assessment, Operational Efficiency, Product and Marketing Strategy.

The key to his success to date has been his ability to listen and focus on the big picture. He is a visionary who ensures the organization has a clear vision and creates a plan to allow the company to meet their future vision. He builds, grows, transforms and revitalizes products and go to market strategies. He asks the difficult questions, solves complex problems, and achieves change and revenue growth.

Warren Edwards Warren Edwards was previously responsible for the delivery of Change Healthcare IWS’ comprehensive enterprise medical imaging product suite across all its international markets, including the UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Warren has held senior management positions at Change Healthcare since 2002, as VP Engineering and most recently as VP, Services and Imaging Operations. He is a proven, strong leader who is focused on customer service excellence at an international level. Additionally, he brings an in-depth understanding of the Change Healthcare imaging product suite and how it can help international customers improve productivity and ultimately deliver better patient care.

Lisa_Ghent Lisa Ghent was previously a Product Marketing Manager for Change Healthcare Imaging and Workflow Solutions. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Athabasca, and diploma in Nuclear Medicine Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Lisa worked for various Radiology departments in both Canada and the US before coming to Change Healthcare in 2006.
Todd Malone Todd Malone previously worked as a Product Manager at the Change Healthcare Enterprise Medical Imaging group in Vancouver. He focused on the support needs of Radiology, Cardiology and Document Management customers and came to the healthcare industry with experience with maintenance and support of complex software systems in the aerospace, newspaper and nuclear power generation industries.
David Phillips David Phillips was previously the Director of Product Management for Change Healthcare Imaging and Workflow Solutions.  He received his master of science in applied science in medicine from the University of Alberta and is currently residing in the Vancouver area.
Dan Trott Dan Trott is a Healthcare Strategist for the Healthcare & Life Sciences division of Dell EMC. Dan has more than 30 years of experience in medical imaging related fields, including clinical radiology, ultrasound and PACS.

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