What Makes a Cardiac Imaging Leader?


 Cardiac Imaging Puzzle

A recent study from KLAS revealed that only 65% of providers believe that their cardiac imaging system was complete. Clearly there’s room for improvement in the cardiology department, which is why we’re witnessing so much consolidation in the marketplace. The report states that a key missing piece was the clinical reporting. But, even for vendors who provided reporting, functionality was lacking.

Based on this research, the industry is moving more toward fully integrated cardiovascular and cardiac imaging solutions. This would not only simplify the lives of technicians, clinicians and physicians, but also would ease the burden of dealing with multiple vendors.

The Conundrum of Cardiology IT

There are a number of components that are required in order to consider a cardiology solution to be fully integrated. The following are considered the most essential.

The above merely represents the most common five modules that make up the core of a complete CVIS solution. The users interviewed in the study offered their “wish list” of functionality: integration with point-of-care patient tracking; cardiac MRI; stress testing; cardiac CT; nuclear medicine; peripheral; vascular; Holter monitoring; other cardiovascular imaging modalities; disease management and billing.

It’s interesting to note that, while most of the vendors in the survey offer the five core modules, no research was conducted on whether providers were actually using all the modules offered.  It makes little economic sense to pursue a new vendor or look for more functionality if you’re not using the system you have currently.

Despite the vulnerability of systems for replacement, the report found that overall performance scores in cardiology are trending up for seven out of the 10 ranked vendors, McKesson being one. Our system is rated the most complete CVIS in the study.

Before reaching for “greener pastures,” it may be prudent to poll your hospital personnel to determine true adoption rates of existing technology. You may have a great system and just not know it!

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