Vendor-Neutral Endoscopy Solution Helps OSF Healthcare Improve Workflows, Collaboration


doctors-discuss-imaging-workflowsSharing data is the key to collaboration among healthcare providers and between providers and patients. However, most healthcare providers still struggle to breakdown the information silos and to pull together the various types of imaging data into a single, cohesive patient record.

To promote true data sharing, health systems are looking for vendor-agnostic solutions that allow multiple inputs to flow to a single database, making information retrieval and archiving easier. And that’s what Peoria, Illinois-based OSF Healthcare discovered with the Orpheus Endoscopy solution, part of the Orpheus Clinical Media Platform. The health system operates 11 acute care facilities in Illinois and Michigan, including a major 616-bed teaching hospital.

Documentation within the Workflow

The health system had been looking for such a solution for years, but “costs were never low enough to buy,” says Steve Kastelein, Manager, Enterprise Imaging at OSF Healthcare. Before discovering Orpheus, endoscopy workflows were manual and not conducive to collaboration. Before the procedure, patient demographic information was manually entered. Following the exam, relevant images were printed out, taped to a form and sent to the health information management team for scanning and attachment to the patient record. The scan was difficult to read for both patients and physicians.

Two years ago, however, pulmonary staff began a project to incorporate the Orpheus Endoscopy solution into their IT architecture.

The stated goals for the project, Kastelein says, were:

  • Improved documentation of exams
  • Full fidelity “visible light” imaging
  • Teaching and grand round support
  • Report consistency and standardization

Orpheus currently runs in one interventional pulmonary lab, five GI labs and a shared lab. OSF HealthCare believes that the elimination of print/scan case documentation and greater patient education through post-procedure reviews will help improve CGCAHPS and HCAHPS scores. Staff satisfaction also has been improved by implementing better endoscopy workflows and improving the fellow/physician experience through better teaching and live consultations.

Benefits include:

  • Full color, high-definition images instead of paper printouts and scanned images
  • Ability to show patients/families videos and pictures of exam findings
  • Ability to add images from multiple sources to the patient record
  • Allowing referring physicians to see high-def images through the health system EMR
  • Ability to capture additional images post procedure from the video recording

“We feel we’ve gotten significant efficiency gains as well as greater patient satisfaction,” Kastelein says. “When a physician can walk into the recovery room and show what he did, we feel like that’s a big win for patient satisfaction scores. We also feel we get better imaging, workflow and live collaboration during a procedure.”

Multipurpose Solution for Better Collaboration

The Orpheus Clinical Media Platform is vendor-neutral, connecting to any scope and from multiple sources such as HD video, endoscopic ultrasound, patient monitor or digital microscope, says Tomer Ben-Sira, vice president of product and marketing at Orpheus Medical.

The system allows physicians to capture, stream and access images from any device for better documentation, reporting and management. Captured images are accurately associated to the patient record and archived centrally for immediate access from anywhere, on any device. Multimedia tools allow for the capture of images and video, including annotations and structured physician reports with embedded images.

Real-time and on-demand collaboration tools include bidirectional audio and visual feedback, including live streaming instant replay which is useful for complication analysis. Data is made available through Conserus Image Repository, a vendor – agnostic solutions including a VNA, that helps unify all imaging data (multimedia) (other -ologies) into a central point of access and management that can securely be viewed via a diagnostic, zero-footprint universal viewer.

The goal is to improve quality and outcomes, both on the individual level and institutional level by building a library of important cases and through multidisciplinary collaboration.

You can see Orpheus solutions connecting to Conserus Image Repository™ VNA in Change Healthcare Booth 7313 at RSNA. Request a meeting or demo in advance or contact us for more information.

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