A Medical Image in Every Pocket?


Enterprise Medical Imaging Accessibility from Anywhere from the Medical Imaging Talk BlogIt’s amazing how quickly we’ve all gotten used to having not just our phone, but all the information on the Internet, in our pocket. In fact, limited access to an information system tends to aggravate us — like not being able to read medical images from home or when we travel. Of course, massive data requirements and privacy issues make image access a great deal more complex than serving up a social media account or even a basic patient record.

Nevertheless, that’s a main focus area for Dr. Mark Geller, chairman of the Center for Diagnostic Imaging and Freddie Adorno, manager of Enterprise Imaging Informatics at Nyack Hospital in Nyack, NY. Easily, quickly, and readily distributing images and information across the enterprise and the referring community is critical to providing better, more coordinated care, said Geller in an article in Imaging Technology News.

To do that, the Nyack Hospital team chose McKesson Radiology™ v12.0 which allows full scale diagnostic enterprise medical imaging applications to be located anywhere. According to Geller, the tool allows radiologists to read from home as though they were at the office. “They have access to all the tools and functionality they are accustomed to using at the hospital, including third-party integrations,” he said.

Nor are imaging specialists restricted in their platform. Adorno explained that the McKesson Enterprise Image™ Clinical Reference Viewer lets them use the mobile device of their choice and the operating system they’re most comfortable with. This helps facilitate access to images by referring physicians and helps promote collaborative dialog between imaging specialists and the referring base. He noted that several enterprise medical imaging vendors he and his team evaluated had developed their systems based on keyboard/mouse usage, with mobile device use as an afterthought. The opposite is true of McKesson Radiology v12.0, which incorporates the most well-known mobile gestures, he said.

In addition to its user experience, which Geller said feels like a native application on mobile devices, the 20-radiologist center particularly appreciates these system features:

  • Straightforward interface
  • High-speed viewer
  • Robust functions that allow for complete, accurate image assessment
  • Strong HIPAA security (no information left on local devices)

Nyack, the first hospitals to implement Radiology v12.0, performs 130,000 radiology procedures each year. Even in that fast-paced environment, Geller said the system has exceeded expectations on many levels. “Both radiologists and referring physicians agree that this is one of the best PACS on the market,” he said. “It has allowed us to easily, quickly and readily distribute images and information across the enterprise. In many ways, we’re doing a much better job of providing healthcare today than we were three years ago.”

Learn more about McKesson enterprise medical imaging solutions and how they can help make your team mobile.

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  1. Very good read, its great to hear that medical staff now have access to viewing results away from the office, when you look at an image and diagnose problems for patients at the office it is easy, but if you suddenly have a brain wave outside of work why a patient’s problem is occurring and you missed the signs in the imaging the first time, being able to look back and quickly check to see if your idea is right and alert medical staff and patient asap is a great tool to now have in the industry and gives patients that peace of mind.

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