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Will the Real VNA Please Stand Up?

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Vendor Neutral Archive The last thing an organization looking to consolidate patient images and streamline image sharing needs is a vendor neutral archive that’s not truly vendor neutral. So, how can you quickly sift through the hype to determine whether a product is a gussied-up PACS or a true VNA?

It’s actually not as hard as it seems. PACS are optimized for data injection—i.e., absorbing images from multiple modalities into the system so they can be diagnosed by radiologists and other imaging specialists. Vendor neutral archives, in contrast, must be optimized for outbound communication so that thousands of referring specialists in the community can access patient images. Any product you’re evaluating that doesn’t simplify workflow for all users (not just within or between departments) and enable image data sharing between disparate healthcare systems is not a true vendor neutral archive.


4 Considerations When Choosing the Right Enterprise Medical Imaging Solution

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What to Consider When Choosing Medical Imaging Solutions.

Leaders of healthcare organizations are continually being challenged to do more with less while proving that improved efficiency and better patient health stem from their decisions. At McKesson, we work closely with healthcare executives and hear about the challenges they face. This allows us to create enterprise medical imaging solutions that can help them address their healthcare systems’ needs.

Whether healthcare systems have outdated PACS that operate in silos, need strategies to maximize their EHR investment or are trying to improve staff efficiency, most decision makers face overlapping issues. The most common considerations when choosing a new enterprise medical imaging system include return on investment (ROI), performance, patient care and balancing quality and cost.


Relieving the Pressure: Enterprise-Level Medical Imaging Systems

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Consolidated Healthcare Environments Require Medical Imaging Systems That Relieve Pressure From the Medical Imaging Talk BlogThe pressure on hospitals continues to build as CMS payments decrease, special payments like tax breaks and incentive funding expire, and utilization declines. To survive, many large hospitals have merged with smaller ones in an effort to maintain operating profits through asset consolidation. Other hospitals are expanding vertically, purchasing ambulatory care facilities, home care agencies, and free-standing dialysis clinics. Some are doing both.

In the midst of all this change, plus repeated cost-reduction directives, medical imaging executives are seeking guidance. Specifically, they’re asking: What is the role of imaging in a consolidated environment and/or one that involves care across multiple settings?


Is a Vendor Neutral Archive the Answer?

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Where is Enterprise Medical Imaging Headed in 2014?As hospital organizations realize the ever increasing amounts of stored imaging data residing in their PACS systems, they are beginning to question their image archiving strategies.

The cost of medical imaging data storage has increased due to advances in digital imaging scans. These rising costs coupled with other environmental factors have caused vendor neutral archives (VNA) to grow in popularity, representing a true solution for hospitals wanting greater control over how their images are stored and used.

The most attractive benefit for choosing a vendor neutral archive for many health care IT departments is in eliminating the need to migrate data from its PACS which is costly and cumbersome.


Separating Fact from Fiction in Enterprise Imaging

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Enterprise Imaging in Hospital

Achieving the picture of better health means focusing on the technology and services that can help make a healthcare organization run more efficiently than ever. Technology is integrating organizational complexities, connecting care teams and streamlining workflow. Enterprise imaging solutions give medical professionals the confidence to make those decisions that deliver better care.

No Clear Picture

But just what is enterprise imaging? There doesn’t seem to be a consensus on a true description. As one definition, enterprise imaging is a solution that archives and manages image data on behalf of the systems with which it interfaces.


Can A PACS Vendor Really be Neutral?

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PACS Neutral Checklist

After years on the customer side of the coin, I’ve flipped to the vendor side. Don’t worry: the water here is just fine. I like to think that I bring all of you with me – all of our questions and concerns when dealing with today’s ever-changing technology. Really, who better to be entrusted with formulating healthcare strategies and solutions than those of us who have been in the industry’s driver’s seat?


Vendor-Neutral Medical Imaging Means Solid Industry Growth

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Medical ArchivesVendor neutral archives (VNAs) and enterprise imaging repositories are generating increasingly higher profits in the medical imaging sector. According to a study by global growth partnership and research firm, Frost & Sullivan, the VNA market earned revenues of $110.5 million in 2011 and estimates this to reach $210.0 million by 2018.

The study also states that the enterprise picture archiving and communication system (PACS) market, comprised primarily of existing PACS vendors, earned revenues of $77.4 million in 2011 and projects growth of $168.2 million by 2018.

Imaging Informatics a Substantial Growth Segment