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Case Study: Electrophysiology Module Helps Boost Physician Satisfaction At Cooper University Hospital

7:48 am

 Cooper Hospital As with many hospital systems, managing silos of information has become burdensome and time consuming. Lack of integration and automation are two of the biggest challenges in the modern healthcare setting. Cooper University Hospital recognized that they needed to tie together a number of areas seamlessly and provide a more holistic view of the patient.

Jeff Paschell, integration manager for Cardiovascular Services at Cooper University Hospital, acknowledged the disconnect between departments and that “physician adoption, physician satisfaction and report turnaround time (TAT) were not where we wanted them to be” as a result.


The Business Case for CVIS

8:18 am

ROI for CVISDoes a CVIS make good business sense? The following story may help you answer that question.

A few years ago the administration at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey was ready to take a big step.  They wanted to replace an analog-based CVIS (yes, they were using VCR’s) with a digital system.  And they wanted to improve operational and energy efficiency.  And they wanted to make the change on a tight budget.