The Good News About Radiology Workflow Challenges


Conserus Workflow Intelligence improving radiology workflowBetween increased emphasis on quality and the need for operational efficiency, the daily radiology workflow can be a challenge. That challenge is amplified when radiologists don’t have the right tools for the job. Simply put, there are too many clicks and too much paperwork. It should be easier. The good news is today, there are tools to help radiologists manage and automate their workflow. These tools automate workflows, allowing imaging professionals to maximize quality while maintaining efficiency.


Conserus Workflow Intelligence ™ is a rules engine that integrates with any standards-based PACS system to automatically facilitate both quality and interpretation workflows. For example, a workflow for critical results management, it can be launched directly from PACS, with no need for the radiologist to sign into any other application.

Information about the study, the patient, and the referring physician is automatically populated, reducing the risk of errors being made in data entry. Once populated, report information can be communicated by phone, text, email or instant message within the application.

Once the information is distributed, the escalation rules within Conserus Workflow Intelligence ensure that periodic alerts are sent until the results are acknowledged. This kind of automation makes it easier to ensure that nothing is missed or left to chance.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence ™ can help you automate your quality, interpretation and communication workflows. Ask us about other quality workflows and case prioritization and learn more about Conserus Workflow Intelligence ™ at or subscribe to the Medical Imaging Talk blog.

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