The Benefits of Radiology Workflow Orchestration Solutions: Part Two


As healthcare continues to move toward value-based care, health systems need to break down silos to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. Imaging departments who had relative autonomy in a volume based world, are now challenged to find better ways of sharing data and working across the enterprise.

In a recent AHRA webinar, Change Healthcare’s Itai Galili addressed the challenges facing radiology departments in a value-based world, and how workflow orchestration solutions can help health systems adapt. In part one of our coverage of the webinar, we focused on how workflow orchestration helps make the most of your technological and talent investments. Read on for part two of our key takeaways.

Four Key Benefits of Imaging Workflow Orchestration Solutions

1. Optimize Emergency Department Flow

It makes sense that every scan requested from the emergency department is… well… an emergency. But if every study is marked as a top priority, there’s no consistent way to identify scan should be read first, and by whom.

Intelligent radiology workflow solutions help set priorities and configure rules that will automatically deliver studies to the appropriate imaging clinician.

One health system that Change Healthcare partnered with implemented intelligent workflow prioritization to improve communication between the ED and radiology. Automatic, intelligent prioritization led to substantial improvements in turnaround time: 50% improvement in the ICU, 26% in Labor & Delivery, and 35% in the emergency department.

2. Reduce Length of Stay

Too often the amount of time a patient spends in a healthcare facility has more to do with workflow than with receiving care. If scans can’t be read in a timely manner, the patient must stay overnight. These extra days add up: for example, 2,000 unnecessary stays a year can cost a health system around $4 million dollars.

As seen in our Tale of Two Patients infographic, intelligent workflow solutions can reduce the length of a patient’s stay. If a health system used a rules-based intelligent task assignment system with dynamic escalation to reduce unnecessary stays by 50%, they could save $2 million dollars per year.

3. Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients are increasingly taking on more financial responsibility for their healthcare, and as such are taking a more active interest in choosing their providers. A positive patient experience can help other patients choose your health system — while negative experiences can encourage them to go elsewhere.

Workflow orchestration increases efficiency and helps provide greater context for diagnoses, which can lead to shorter turnaround times, lower wait times, and a higher quality of care. All of these factors add up to an improved patient experience.

4. Measure and Improve Quality

As the health industry moves to a value-based model, it’s more important than ever that radiologists are equipped to measure, demonstrate, and continually improve the value they bring to the system. Feedback for a value-based world should be automated, as close to real-time as possible, and allow for anonymous, education-focused reporting.

With anonymous peer review built into an intelligent workflow solution, imaging departments can benchmark performance and steadily improve over time. Automatic measuring and reporting makes it easier to build a culture of quality across departments.

Change Management Is Key to Adopting Workflow Orchestration Solutions

Workflow orchestration solutions help address seven crucial challenges facing imaging departments — and health systems — in a value-based world. But adopting a workflow solution can be challenging in its own right. It’s important to have stated goals and a clear definition of success before you start.

Most importantly, have a change management plan in place to help your team deal with new policies, procedures, and technologies. Ideally, your solution provider should be a partner that helps manage the change, setting you up for success.

To learn more about how Change Healthcare can help your organization with orchestrated workflow solutions, contact us today.

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