STAT Workflow Management: Workflow Isn’t Just for Radiology Part 2


We’ve discussed in previous posts how workflow orchestration can benefit patients and radiologists, and most recently, cardiologists. As diagnostic imaging needs continue to cross departmental boundaries, interoperable workflow management solutions can be used to bridge communication gaps. With a dynamic, intelligent worklist that crosses departments, studies can be assigned to the right person at the right time.

Every clinician wants to ensure that truly urgent studies are read quickly. But defining “urgent” can be problematic when there are manual processes in place and inconsistent rules. Both cardiology and radiology departments struggle with the tendency to mark every case STAT.

A workflow orchestration solution that incorporates communication for STAT studies and integrates with your cardiology PACS can help simplify departmental processes. When a cardiologist encounters a STAT study, he or she launches the STAT workflow directly from the worklist, reports the study and flags it. Information about the study, the patient and the referring physician is populated automatically, and the intelligent workflow solution communicates the finding based on your health systems’ preferences. With pre-defined, automatic escalation rules, a study closer to the top of the worklist as it becomes more urgent. These rules also determine the frequency for alerts, and sends them until results are acknowledged. Messages can be sent using pop-up notifications, SMS, phone reminders, or a combination. Cardiologists can rest assured that the automated solution will close the communication loop so nothing is left to chance. And when the workflow is complete, the data can be tracked and used in reports to drive continuous improvement.

Tracking and communicating test results can be easier when you have a solution that incorporates these processes directly into your clinicians’ workflow. Conserus™ Workflow Intelligence gives you a flexible rules engine that can help you consolidate interpretation and communication tasks so you can be more efficient. For more information about our workflow management solutions, contact us or request a demo here.

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