Sneak Peek at Insight 2015 Presentation: Best Practices for Imaging Integration and Interoperability


Exclusive insights for conquering healthcare challenges from industry experts.

Four challenges looked at carefully by 13 prominent healthcare IT experts — that’s the basis for a recent McKesson ebook and the subject of a dynamic presentation on imaging integration and interoperability being planned for the CIO Forum at Insight 2015 on Tuesday, September 15. InSight is the independent user group conference for McKesson customers.




Here are the challenges:

  1. Managing total cost of ownership
  2. Improving productivity and workflow
  3. Supporting compliance
  4. Transitioning from volume- to value-based care

Since we don’t have the bandwidth here to cover all of the advice provided in the ebook, we’ll sample a few pieces here.

Michael Gray, principal at Gray Consulting, advocates consolidation as a way to manage TCO. “The total cost of ownership of department PACS composed of best-of-breed display plug-ins and an enterprise workflow application paired with a VNA can be significantly less than the disparate collection of standalone department PACS,” he writes.

In his presentation, Thomas Coppa of McKesson Imaging & Workflow solutions will expand on this topic, discussing how clinical data integration can result in making relevant images part of the longitudinal patient record and significantly enhancing the interpretation process.

Nadim Michel Daher, principal analyst of medical imaging and imaging informatics at Frost and Sullivan, says the shift to multi-disciplinary care imposes considerable new IT requirements. “These distributed, multi-tenant care episodes forming an integrated care continuum must not only be supported by an all-encompassing and widely accessible patient/medical record, but also be orchestrated by efficient workflow and collaboration solutions,” he writes.

At Insight, Coppa will discuss the importance of flexible workflow solutions that learn from physician behavior in order to anticipate the next logical step in the diagnostic workflow, as well as creating collaboration between imaging specialists and ordering/referring physicians.

Ohad Arazi, general manager of cardiology at McKesson Technology Solutions, identifies ICD-10 as the main compliance challenge this year. “Updating to ICD-10 for radiology requires in-depth work and preparation by practitioners. Healthcare leaders must be prepared to adjust schedules and workloads,” he writes.

In his presentation, Coppa will expand on this theme, discussing the importance of supporting the measurement of quality and safety of medical imaging, beginning with breaking down the content of the imaging report and followed by developing solutions that create structured content out of dictated data.

In the ebook, seven experts weigh in on the subject of transitioning from volume- to value-based care.

  • Charles Boicey recommends focusing on data
  • Christina Thielst recommends improving communication among staff and with patients
  • Dave Chase says we must shift our thinking about patient engagement
  • Geeta Nayyar says we should consider a mobile and telehealth strategy
  • Joe Biegel says we must evaluate our baseline current performance with regard to quality, appropriateness, and cost and risk.
  • John Lynn advocates for creating a deep connection with patients
  • Patricia Salber recommends setting up a separate line of business for vale-based care, identifying staff already knowledgeable and committed to it, and creating a war chest to fund on-going development.

Coppa will look at how these recommendations, along with the right technology, can move imaging from volume to value, providing more information at less cost.

Download the ebook, 13 Insights for Conquering Healthcare Challenges in 2015 from the Experts, to learn more. McKesson customers, visit our booth in the product solution center at Insight, and be sure to attend Coppa’s session on Tuesday, September 15 from 11:30 – 12:00 pm to gain even more, well, insight.

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