PACS, RIS and Healthcare Resources for the Latest Imaging News


PACS ResourcesWe’ve done your research for you and compiled a list of Radiology Information System (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and healthcare resources to keep you apprised of the latest healthcare IT, radiology and imaging news and information. Watch this list each month, as it will constantly be updated with additional healthcare journals, magazines and online publications.

Abdominal Imaging: Radiologists, medical imaging specialists, gastroenterologists and hepatologists can discover the latest in-depth studies from well-respected healthcare researchers and research organizations. Recent published works include: “Functional MR Imaging as a New Paradigm for Image Guidance,” “Interventional Oncology in the Abdomen” and “Detecting Recurrence of Gastric Cancer.”

Advance for Imaging & Radiation Oncology Magazine: This radiology resource provides the latest news and information on management strategies, clinical/technological updates and industry trends for medical imaging and radiation oncology physicians, administrators and staff. The magazine’s website offers product information, a job center, event listings, forums and blogs. Subscriptions are free, and subscribers have access to a digital issue, as well.

Advances for Imaging & Radiation Oncology: Available in both print and digital versions, this magazine offers news and information on management strategies, clinical/technological updates and industry trends for medical imaging and radiation oncology administrators, physicians and staff. The website also features job postings, event listings and a Healthcare Shop, where visitors can purchase scrubs and other healthcare resources and equipment.

American Journal of Neuroradiology: AJNR publishes 350+ fully reviewed original research papers and case reports every year on diagnostic and functional imaging of the brain, head, neck and spine. Topics covered include: aging and degenerative diseases, imaging techniques and technology, inflammatory diseases, interventional techniques, pediatric radiology and more.

Applied Radiology: This print and online radiology resource covers all aspects of diagnostic radiology, interventional techniques and therapeutic specialties. Applied Radiology features physician-authored clinical articles and radiological cases, as well as interactive quizzes, reader polls, videos and news stories.


Contemporary Diagnostic Radiology: This bi-weekly newsletter for radiologists and residents offers information on the latest developments, new products and technology advancements. Each issue includes a full-length in-depth article with supporting radiographs, charts and other graphic materials. The newsletter is designed to help practicing radiologists gain knowledge to earn Category 1 CME credits. Additionally, the newsletter is designed to be used by residents as a study program for board exams.

Diagnostic Imaging: This online healthcare publication offers daily news, feature articles and webinars on cardiac imaging, PACS, radiation oncology and ultrasound topics, among many others. The site features listings of upcoming radiology meetings, seminars and conferences. Users can register for a weekly enewsletter, as well.

Healthcare Informatics: This publication for healthcare CIOs offers the latest clinical, imaging, administrative, business, policy and imaging news for the healthcare industry. In addition to the print magazine, the website features a blog, reader polls and Webinars.

Healthcare IT News: This online and print publication for healthcare IT professionals, general management and clinical executives offers product spotlights, management solutions, and the latest healthcare IT news and information. In addition to articles, the website features podcasts, videos and a blog.

Hospital Management: This site, for healthcare management professionals, comprises two healthcare publications: Practical Patient Care and Medical Imaging Technology. The website offers news, press releases, whitepapers, newsletters, case studies and product information on the latest trends in medical imaging and patient care.

Hospital Management: Medical Imaging Technology: offers a special section complete with medical imaging features and articles. Gain knowledge on a diverse range of medical imaging topics such as endocavitary MRI of the cervix, the digital revolution and the evolution of ultrasound.

Health Management Technology Magazine: Health Management Technology is a monthly publication dedicated to helping IT professionals stay current on the latest healthcare advances. Its content focuses on electronic medical records, revenue cycle management and networking infrastructure. The site is a comprehensive resource, complete with event listings, polls, the latest news, tips, videos and blogs.

Hospitals and Health Networks Magazine: HH&N is the flagship publication of the American Hospital Association intended for hospital and system executives. In addition to articles on electronic records, healthcare management and hospital information systems, the site provides an event calendar, blogs and podcasts.

iDATA Research Inc.: This international research firm provides reports and surveys on the latest advances in PACS, as well as gynecology, imaging, orthopedics and interventional cardiology. Users can access all healthcare resources and search for free by registering online.

Imaging Economics: This magazine covers business and economic trends shaping medical imaging. It delivers business insights, technology intelligence and trend analysis for radiology executives. It also provides information on technological advancements and new product information.

Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology: This peer-reviewed journal published by the technologist section of the Society of Nuclear Medicine offers technically centered articles on imaging and instrumentation, radio pharmacy, quality assurance and radiation safety. It also presents teaching editorials, reviews of programs and certification updates and continuing education articles.

Journal of Radiology Nursing: This official journal of the Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing is intended to help radiology nurses practice with compassion, competence and commitment to their patients. Articles focus on education, administration, research, patient care and case studies. Recent articles include “Diagnostic Imaging: Radiation Dose and Patients’ Concerns” and “Radiology Nurses Roles and Opportunities with Central Venous Catheter Education.” This website is a digital library of peer-reviewed pediatric radiology and imaging textbooks, teaching files, reference books, journals, continuing education sources and professional societies. The radiology resources referenced on the site cover a wide gamut of topics, including gastrointestinal radiology, general radiology, fetal radiology, radiation safety, neuroradiology and musculoskeletal radiology.

Radiology: This monthly journal, published by the Radiological Society of North America, is dedicated to clinical radiology and allied sciences. In addition to journal articles, the magazine’s website offers podcasts and videos to expand on feature stories and provide additional information.

Radiology Today Magazine: This bi-weekly magazine offers research, technology and clinical articles for radiology professionals, including radiologists, managers, directors, technologists, PACS/RIS administrators, cardiologists, radiation oncologists and radiation therapists. In addition to the magazine, Radiology Today also offers a blog and enewsletter.

RT Image: A weekly source for topics from mammography and ultrasound to management and administration, this publication is offered in both print and online formats. Read by hospital administrators, PACS administrators, radiologists, radiologic technologists, radiation therapists and sonographers, the magazine’s website also features several industry blogs on imaging news and topics.

The Journal of Radiology: This peer-reviewed scientific journal presents medical and scientific information on breast imaging, cardiac imaging, radiation oncology, ultrasound and pediatric imaging, among other topics. The publication allows readers to submit articles and become article reviewers as well.

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