Getting Your Image Sharing and Exchange Priorities Straight


Hospital staff discussing radiology workflow and image sharing prioritiesWhen it comes to clinical image exchange, different health care providers have different needs.  There is no one size fits all solution since IT and image management environments vary so widely from provider to provider.  But despite the differences in environments, a recent Peer60 Report states that providers agree on their top priority for image sharing:

Within a hospital network, images need to be moved directly, automatically and cost effectively to the point of care. 

Sharing images out of network came in at number two, and sharing image data files with patients was a distant third.

What the report also found was that as provider size increased, the top two priorities were more closely aligned. This trend should be expected, since larger health care enterprises often have a broad network of referring hospitals and clinics.  At OneMedNet, our ongoing discussions with our customers of all sizes reveals the same set of priorities. Although CD workflow opportunities, mobile viewing of imaging studies, and integration issues with EHRs, PACS, and VNAs, are ongoing items on their agendas, their primary focus is to facilitate secure, efficient image sharing amongst the desired locations.

As adoption of image sharing technologies becomes more prevalent, many providers are discovering that point to point image sharing within their network may not be as easy to achieve as they previously believed.  Not only are there significant and consequential differences in technology among products, but there are also impactful disparities in delivery and support models from vendors within this market segment.

When considering a solution that will enable image sharing and exchange, providers should be rigorous in their evaluations.  The opportunity cost associated with a misstep almost always outweighs the initial and sustaining investment.  There are many questions providers should ask; however, in our experience, the series of questions below will initiate a candid discussion that we encourage all providers to pursue.  Those include:

  • What are your image sharing and exchange priorities within and out of network?
  • What are your PHI security concerns related to image sharing?
  • Where are the specific clinical areas that are most important (e.g. trauma, telemedicine)?
  • Where do you need to automate your image sharing workflow (e.g. mammography priors)?

At OneMedNet we are happy to have Change Healthcare as a valued industry partner representing our BEAM™ image exchange solution.  We also congratulate Change Healthcare on being identified as the #1 Image Sharing Solution Provider within the Peer60 report (for surveyed participants with 15+ installs). We’ll be exhibiting together with Change Healthcare at SIIM in Pittsburgh, PA June 1-3. If you’ll be attending the show, book an appointment to speak to us in person at Booth 217. If you’re not able to visit us there, learn more about our image sharing solutions by sending us your questions, or visiting us on our website.

Jason Dvorak currently serves as OneMedNet’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing and as a member of the Technical Advisory Board. His professional experience brings nearly 25 years of sales and leadership in the healthcare market. Dvorak has extensive channel partner experience working with world-class companies like Change Healthcare and others.

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