EQUIP Your Mammography Department for a Value-Based Landscape


Are you equipped for breast screening quality assurance?

Breast screening workflow used to be simpler.

A referring physician ordered a study → the study was scheduled → the patient was scanned → the radiologist created a report → the facility got paid.

Transitioning from a volume-based model to a value-based model is hard enough. But what often makes it even harder is that the tools in place are not designed to support your departments in this transition. Your existing tools aren’t enough to help you stay efficient, improve patient care and control costs, particularly when the environment can shift quickly and introduce new requirements on top of those that already exist.

A recent addition to the quality landscape is known as EQUIP, or “Enhancing Quality Using the Inspection Program”. This initiative from the Division of Mammography Quality Standards aligns with the goals of the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) to promote the high standard of clinical image quality and compliance with mammography-specific image issues.

The regulation itself adds three questions to the annual inspection which determines a breast screening department’s compliance with image quality requirements:

  1. Are there procedures in place for corrective action if there are poor quality clinical images?
  2. Are there procedures in place to ensure that clinical images continue to comply with high quality standards?
  3. Are there procedures in place for lead physicians to oversee quality records and corrective actions?

For facilities who manage their technologist quality assurance manually, or sporadically, this requirement could put additional strain on an already onerous process. But a workflow orchestration solution can automate the feedback process for you and incorporate it into your daily workflows to help you stay compliant.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ is a dynamic rules engine that lets facilities configure and manage their quality workflows. Our Mammo Image Review workflow incorporates the new requirements for EQUIP and automates the data collection in a simple panel. Once radiologists provide their comments, the solution collects the data so it’s available when you need it at the audit.

Intelligent Breast Screening Workflow


For more information about how Conserus Workflow Intelligence can help you stay up to date for mammography image review, contact us.

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