Advice from the Expert: The Impact of Peer Review from a Patient’s Perspective


marlene-stodgell-ogrady-discusses-radiology-peer-review-mckessonOne of the ways you can assess the maturity of a health care system’s quality program is by its area of focus. Some programs are in place simply to meet legislative requirements or to “check the box”. But organizations that are striving to make quality an integral component of their transition to value-based care need systems that go well beyond the minimum requirements. Successful quality programs in a value-based care model don’t take a punitive approach, but instead focus on consistency, compliance and education. While an overall quality mindset encompasses much more than clinical radiology workflows, they’re one of the most obvious and logical places to start.

For example, peer review is a quality workflow that is commonly used in organizations of all types and sizes. As discussed in an earlier post, 86% of respondents to a JACR survey agreed that peer review improves professional care and aids in their development, but an overwhelming 92% of respondents said it should be done anonymously. Marlene Stodgell O’Grady, Director of Quality, Education and Safety at Alberta Health Services (AHS), oversees her health system’s implementation and management of a widespread anonymous peer review program. In a recent post, she talked about their focus on learning and their process for engaging all of their stakeholders so that the program was positioned for success.

In her next instalment, she drills down to the clinical level and relates some stories of how the program at AHS is changing patient care for the better. Watch the videos below for her stories about the impact of peer review from the patient’s perspective.


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