Advice from the Expert: Orchestrate Your Workflows for Quality and Efficiency


Dr. Evan Kaminer describes Conserus Workflow IntelligenceFor radiology departments to go beyond imaging and stay relevant in the healthcare industry, they need to clearly demonstrate their contribution to the organization’s overall success. Imaging continues to play a critical role across the patient care continuum, and as hospitals redefine their own benchmarks, imaging departments must also find new ways to prove their value. Outcomes and value are the benchmarks in today’s environment and to achieve results in these areas, radiologists need solutions that help them manage their processes more intelligently and more efficiently.

Adapting to this new reality means implementing new processes, new radiology workflows and new technologies. Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ is a rules engine that helps you get information and tasks to the right people at the right time. With this automated solution in place, you can help match demand to supply and use your available resources and talents most effectively. And once you’ve measured your progress, you can easily reconfigure your rules to help drive continuous improvement.

In this brief video, Dr. Evan Kaminer describes Conserus Workflow Intelligence, which helped his organization dramatically improve communication between the ED and radiology, resulting in turnaround times that were up to 50% faster than with manual prioritization and communication. To see how you can experience impactful results for your own health system, contact us, or book a demonstration at Change Healthcare booth 3479 at HIMSS in Orlando from February 20-22.

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