When to Upgrade Your PACS System



Choosing to replace your PACS system is an important decision and one not to be taken lightly. The need to replace your PACS system could be event-based, such as a change in the facility, or software-based, such as an issue with functionality. Poorly performing legacy PACS is a common reason healthcare organizations may want and need an upgrade.

Here are some scenarios that make the case for upgrading your PACS system.

Scenario #1 – Longer downtime

Due to failing hardware and the increasing demand for larger and larger datasets, older PACS experience longer downtime. These PACS systems are often dependent on dedicated servers with complex hardware configurations that can simply no longer take the load. The antiquated archiving technology can no longer satisfy a growing enterprise.

Scenario #2 – Longer wait times

Timing is a great concern when referring physicians are forced to make decisions before they receive the medical images. Slow delivery times, over-extended network capacity and an increase in multiple concurrent users may push your legacy PACS system to the breaking point. Time delays costs money, wastes time and frustrates clinicians.

Scenario #3 – Changes within the facility

If your current PACS system is not flexible, expandable and vendor-neutral, then it may be time for a change. A modern PACS will allow custom expansion of image and diagnostics management to include other departments or locations. If the PACS system is not able to perform intelligent data conversion to accommodate modifications inside and outside your hospital, your documentation will suffer significant gaps. A PACS system must adapt to the existing structures in a facility – and not the other way around.

Scenario #4 – Looking for a more sophisticated PACS system

If you are eager to take advantage of new technology, McKesson can help. Managing the massive amount of specialized imaging applications that come from dealing with today’s diagnostic imaging department requires sophisticated technology with advanced functionality. Our enterprise medical imaging and PACS system solution keeps clinicians more informed, more connected and more productive. If you decide it’s time to migrate to a state-of-the-art PACS system, read these PACS replacement best practices.

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