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Radiology Imaging Software for Practitioners

Each healthcare organization is unique, and when it comes to enterprise imaging, the requirements greatly vary between health systems and hospitals. Organizations looking for both a department and enterprise-wide solution for systems with multiple facilities or consolidations should consider updating their radiology imaging software.

From file sharing to pre-fetch intelligence, here are the imaging system solutions that your healthcare team needs to increase productivity and improve quality of care.



Radiology Imaging Software Solutions

✅ Image Repository

An image repository is a vendor neutral archive solution that enables your health system to improve how it archives, manages and delivers imaging data. It’s neutral to PACS vendors, helps simplify enterprise-wide access to imaging information and facilitates collaboration.

✅ Clinical Data Exchange

This radiology imaging solution enables you to manage and share non-DICOM images and image-related documents within the enterprise. It should also support standards-based connectivity and communication. For example, Conserus™ Clinical Data Exchange can connect to any XDS/XDS-I enabled system.

✅ Workflow Intelligence Solutions

A vendor neutral, flexible workflow rules engine allows organizations to define their own workflow and business rules to enable efficient, predictable and robust processes across their enterprise. Workflow intelligence driven by a single solution consolidates interpretation and quality tasks, enabling removal of silos of information and promoting enterprise visibility while fully leveraging resources and IT investments to help show value, improve quality, and decrease total cost of ownership.

✅ Teaching File Solutions

Radiology imaging software that includes a teaching file solution helps your department efficiently organize and share images, teaching files and reference case information. Images can be shared across disciplines, with full text search, to support clinicians’ effort to prepare and locate cases for clinical rounds, conferences, training and research.

✅ Digital Mammography Solutions

Digital mammography solutions offer your team access to the images and related data they need from any workstation. This helps reduce the need for a dedicated specialty mammography workstation, enables you to add unique workflow capabilities and supports breast density reporting requirements.

✅ Clinical Reference Viewer

A zero-footprint viewer that is an integral component of your radiology imaging software is crucial. It allows radiologists and other end users to access the imaging studies and related data they need, any time, any place, from most desktops and tablets.

Radiology Imaging Software Services

Radiology imaging software requires top-notch service to help your team optimize your health systems’ investment.

✅ Assessment

An initial assessment helps the vendor clearly understand, document and prioritize your goals, objectives, challenges and constraints during software updates. This crucial service sets up the roadmap for the change event and helps you better understand and prepare for each phase of the project.

✅ Data Migration

Data migration services not only rapidly migrate your health system’s imaging data, but they also cleanse the data to help maximize data accuracy and on time go-lives.

✅ Intelligent Pre-Fetch

Intelligent pre-fetch starts with an interview between your vendor’s clinical consultants and your radiologist team about how digital hanging protocols are configured. This information is used to create highly customized pre-fetch rules based on modality types and body regions to help ensure that prior studies are retrieved before a user opens the study. Intelligent pre-fetch helps minimize frustrating delays for radiologists, who previously had to wait for studies to be retrieved from archives. This feature can help improve user satisfaction and productivity.

✅ Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Facilities want as little downtime as possible, especially unscheduled downtime. A Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery program delivers a highly sophisticated and custom downtime recovery and communication plan for facilities that want to plan for the unexpected.

✅ Staffing Services

Implementing or upgrading a PACS system is a resource-intensive process for healthcare organizations. Staffing services allow you to leverage specialized personnel for a limited period of time. This provides you with a low-risk, flexible solution, with additional skilled and trained staff who can be on-boarded quickly during the time required.

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