PACS Market Swings Toward Upgrades and Replacements


PACS , RIS, HISBack in May, we noted that the PACS market was growing steadily and that a significant portion would probably be in replacements and upgrades.

It turns out that we were right.

Here are the pertinent numbers from market research conducted by IMV’s Medical Information Division:

  • 87 percent. That’s the percentage of expenditures involving PACS that’s going toward upgrading existing PACS systems.
  • 85 percent. That’s the percentage of full-system PACS purchases that were replacement systems (meaning that just 15 percent were from first-time PACS buyers).
  • 84 percent of hospital with 100 or more beds (the only ones surveyed) used a PACS that was implemented somewhere other than their own location.
  • 59 percent of hospitals with 100 or more beds have (or have direct access to) a cardiology PACS.

According IMV, the upgrades involved increasing storage capacity, improving PACS workstations, improving infrastructure, and adding advanced visualization software.

The above numbers confirm another claim in that May post: the PACS market will continue to grow steadily (or maybe even rapidly). The speed of technological improvements will continue to drive demand for upgrades and replacements, especially since more and more hospitals and other healthcare institutions are investing in PACS.

On a related note, the research from IMV noted that 93 percent of hospitals have an RIS which is integrated with a PACS or HIS. There are lots of opportunities, in other words, for upgrades, replacements, and integration work in the RIS world as well.

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