Change Healthcare’s PACS Success in Nebraska



“We knew we needed a stable system out of the gate.” So says Chuck Lakso as he explains why his department chose Change Healthcare’s PACS to replace its outdated image storage system.

Lakso is Radiology Director at the Nebraska Medical Center, the University of Nebraska’s medical hospital which performs more than 250,000 imaging procedures each year. Before implementing Change Healthcare’s PACS solution, “The tools available to the radiologists weren’t adequate for everything we needed to accomplish,” says radiology chair Craig Walker. Images could not be downloaded or uploaded quickly, only certain computers could be used to view images, and paper orders were necessary to ensure that image interpretation wasn’t being duplicated.

The results: delays in image interpretation, time wasted moving from computer to computer and unnecessary work duplication when paper orders were misplaced or improperly sent.

Lakso, Walker, and their colleagues chose Change Healthcare’s Horizon Medical Imaging PACS because it enabled them to seamlessly move from one system to the next. Horizon’s PACS was compatible with the Medical Center’s existing imaging technology, so no one had to learn a new imaging system. Moreover, Lakso had heard that Change Healthcare tested its PACS system in labs prior to shipping, so he was confident that his staff could hit the ground running with its new Horizon solution.

Lakso and others have seen significant improvements in their operations with their new PACS. It is available at all times and on every computer in the Medical Center, paper orders have been eliminated, images download and upload quickly, and the system is easily compatible with other software used by the Center. The department estimates that it has achieved a 25% increase in productivity and an 8% reduction in turnaround time since the Horizon solution was implemented, which has translated into more time caring for patients and training medical residents.

The bottom line: Change Healthcare’s Horizon PACS led to better medical care and better medical training.  That’s what it’s all about!

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