Innovation and Advancements: Change Healthcare, RSNA Continue to Transform Radiology


Radiology Advancements at RSNAEditor’s Note: This article was originally published by Michael Hart in Technical Exhibits Focus and is republished here with permission.

At RSNA’s 100th annual meeting, representatives of more than 600 companies spread out over a half million square feet of space, demonstrating products both cutting edge and tried and true.

Radiology has never stopped advancing and improving throughout RSNA’s long history: each year new technology is unveiled by companies old and new. One company with a long history in healthcare technology is McKesson. McKesson highlighted solutions for RSNA attendees that help break down information silos between radiology or cardiology solutions and reduce complexities that are introduced through consolidation.

“McKesson has always been a thought leader in healthcare technology and we remain well positioned to lead the industry,” said Erkan Akyuz, president of imaging and workflow solutions, McKesson. “McKesson is pleased to work with our customers by providing the intelligent workflow and interoperability that creates unified access to patient records and helps our customers deliver better healthcare while achieving better business outcomes.”

Alongside veterans like McKesson at RSNA 2014 were about 100 first-time exhibitors, with products to help attendees keep up with the latest imaging topics such as X-ray photon counting detection and everyday issues like bookkeeping.

Other longtime exhibitors on the show floor introduced new products and services too, across the wide range of interests and subjects of RSNA annual meeting attendees—included were CT, MR, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, radiography and ultrasound hardware and software, contrast agents and other pharmaceuticals, departmental management products and services, educational literature and electronic health records. Also available were products for film and image management and quality assurance and safety, as well as DICOM compliant systems.

McKesson Helps Deliver Efficient Workflow for Quality Initiatives

McKesson’s solutions for enterprise imaging help promote efficient workflow and lower costs, going beyond simple neutral archives to improve interoperability. “As the industry and our customers transition from volume to value-based care, we will help them reduce the duplication and complexity,” Aykuz said.

“That transition,” Aykuz emphasized, “is one of the most important trends sweeping radiology and healthcare today.”

“We know that healthcare will continue to evolve and value-based care will present both challenges and opportunities for the industry and healthcare providers,” he said. “McKesson will continue to deliver flexible interoperable products and services that meet those needs and work with our customers to deliver better patient care.”

Attendees who visited McKesson at RSNA found enterprise imaging solutions that bring together a relevant view of patient data from disparate vendor networks into a single integration point. The result is an enterprise ecosystem complete with imaging data that fulfills the promise to aggregate patient history, diagnoses, treatments, labs and images onto a common platform.

Among the products that make up that ecosystem are:

  • McKesson Enterprise Image Repository™, a vendor neutral archive independent of PACS, designed to reduce the complexity of integrations and interfaces across the enterprise.
  • McKesson Clinical Data Exchange™, which helps healthcare enterprises manage, share and access images and clinical documents, leveraging the IHE Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) integration profile from anywhere in an enterprise or across a region.
  • McKesson QICS™, which handles multiple workflows such as business intelligence, radiology-to-ED communications, peer review and critical test results management to pull together the information necessary for quality data sharing.

For more information about how McKesson helps health systems navigate today’s healthcare arena, watch the webinar, Value-Based Care in Radiology: The First Steps.

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