Health System Benefits from Web-Based Image Sharing Program


Web-based DICOM image sharingThink of all the places patient images are used on a weekly basis: training sessions, tumor board meetings, cancer care presentations, grand rounds, and clinical consultations. When a large health system realized its patient images were being used in all those places and a few more, it decided to revamp the way images were handled for training and conferencing purposes.

Rather than having someone take several hours per meeting to pull images out of the PACS, place them onto a portable drive, and label them, technologists, education coordinators, and radiology registrars were all given access to the McKesson Study Share™ teaching file system that’s part of the health system’s PACS (McKesson Radiology™ Station v12). Since instituting the new process, the health system has seen a dramatic decrease in the time needed to prepare for training sessions and meetings involving images.

Whoever is responsible for preparing the images for the meeting begins by creating a case in the PACS, which sends the images associated with that case to McKesson Study Share, minus the patient information. Study Share is web based, so anyone with Study Share access and a browser can access the images to organize, annotate, and use them to present to a group or individual.

With multiple sites conducting weekly cancer-care presentations, the new image-preparation process has been a boon to the radiology registrars in charge of preparing the imaging files each week. The web-based nature of the system means the registrars can quickly do the initial work of sending requested images to Study Share (regardless of the system in which they reside), and the presenter can go into the system to organize and annotate as needed from any device with an Internet connection. The same is true for education coordinators helping those in charge of conducting radiology training.

Although they applaud the productivity boost from the new web-based DICOM image sharing process, the presenting radiologists at the health system say the best part about the change is the system’s flexibility, allowing them to share non-DICOM files such as pathology images, videos, photos, and PowerPoint slides alongside their DICOM images.

To learn more about McKesson Study Share for web-based DICOM and non-DICOM image and file sharing, visit our web site or see McKesson Study Share at RSNA, booth 1135, south hall (request a meeting or demo in advance).

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