The Evolving Enterprise Imaging Market Ebook



The evolution of radiology has come at a time when demands for quality and safety are reaching a crescendo. An integrated informatics strategy is critical to supporting population health, patient safety, quality improvement and enhanced resource management.

While health care IT solutions are increasingly robust, many organizations do not utilize the data they aggregate to its fullest potential—yet.

That is why we’ve compiled thought leadership articles from ImagingBiz, highlighting how radiologists are utilizing next generation medical imaging technology to improve quality and safety through foresight and strategic data analysis.

Our goal with this ebook is to show you how  facilities, just like yours,  are using enterprise medical imaging to help provide clinical business intelligence.

Some of the focus areas are how:

  • Analyzing data enabled one organization to implement point-of-service clinical decision support.
  • Energizing healthcare IT departments is changing the way care is delivered in the military.
  • Transitioning from siloed care requires both strategic and cultural change.
  • Empowering physicians and reducing strain on infrastructure costs is possible with mobile technology.
  • Changing market and businesses drivers has one early adopter of VNAs questioning the term’s validity.
  • Protecting patient health information while avoid the legal pitfalls is an ongoing concern.
  • Utilizing next generation analytics will help with dose management in the future.

As David Wennergren, deputy chief information officer, DOD, succinctly states regarding enterprise imaging technology, “It will enable us to get the best of both worlds—to share, without barriers, our information, creating a single, continuous health care record. This will be a new generation and a tremendous step forward.”

We invite you to download this new ebook, The Evolving Enterprise Imaging Market, here.

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