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american board of radiology

If you were to take the top 100 associations and professional medical organizations and ask them their number one goal, the answer would resoundingly be the same:  Helping Patients and Improving Care.  That mission and goal is the driving force behind all of the top medical associations around the globe and the American Board of Radiology is exactly the same way.

Here is more about that radiology association that is doing a great deal of amazing work to advance the field and directly improve patient care:

The American Board of Radiology

Created in 1934, the American Board of Radiology is one of the 24 medical specialty boards that comprise the much larger American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).  All the members of the ABMS strive to establish standards for physicians to achieve as well as maintaining their board certification.

Here, in the American Board of Radiology’s own words, is their official mission:

“…to serve patients, the public, and the medical profession by certifying that its diplomats have acquired, demonstrated, and maintained a requisite standard of knowledge, skill, and understanding essential to the practice of diagnostic radiology, radiation oncology, and radiologic physics.”

They aim to help patients by providing information about the certification process as well as which doctors are certified, and support physicians through the creation of programs that keep doctors current in their fields, thereby improving their practice and performance.  In essence, their goal is to transform healthcare by increasing awareness about board certification and improving patient care.

Check out the ABR to stay up to date and informed on all issues pertaining to radiology, board certification and news that affects the entire field.  If you’re looking for more, check out this list of other healthcare IT and radiology associations.

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