Advice from the Expert: Implementing a Quality Workflow Solution


Marlene Stodgell O’Grady from Alberta Health Services for ConserusIn 2011, officials at Alberta Health Services (AHS) made a startling discovery. A number of CT studies in a rural community had been misinterpreted, raising questions about patient care. As a result of the incident, the province’s Minister of Health called for a thorough examination of quality assurance practices in radiology.

To find a solution that would meet the needs of AHS was a significant undertaking. They are Canada’s largest provincial health system, providing services for more than four million people. The system includes 130 imaging facilities that range from high end acute care trauma centers to small rural community hospitals and health centers. In these facilities, 1800 technologists perform more than 2.8 million exams per year, which are then interpreted by 300 radiologists working in 16 different professional organizations and groups.

The provincial health authority did an extensive review of available solutions, and selected Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ as the workflow solution that could meet its many unique needs. This system is at the heart of the far-reaching quality assurance program that is now in place to drive timely, education-focused peer review in radiology across Alberta. Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ is a rules engine that automates and facilitates a process whereby studies from any facility can be selected, anonymized and then randomly assigned to radiologists throughout the province for a second look.

Now that the system is in place, we asked Marlene Stodgell O’Grady, Director of Quality, Education and Safety about some of the lessons they’ve learned through implementing such a large quality system. Watch the videos below to hear her thoughts about the advice she’d give any enterprise considering a move like this one, as well as the most important characteristic of a peer review system.


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