A Tale of Two Patients: How Intelligent Radiology Workflow Can Help You Improve Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction


statlerIn today’s value based care model, metrics that demonstrate value, performance and quality are undeniably important. Measuring things like the number of studies read each day, the average turnaround time and the number of high-priority reads in the queue helps us understand workflow and productivity.

A few months ago, we published a case study showing how Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ helped a health system improve their turnaround times by up to 50% between radiology and the ER, ICU, and labor and delivery. This data makes a compelling case for streamlined, automated, intelligent radiology workflow.

But sometimes we need to bring the numbers to life to understand how intelligent workflow in radiology can have a positive downstream effect on the person sitting in the ER, or the patient lying on a gurney waiting for critical care. How could the presence or absence of intelligent workflow software impact real people?

The hypothetical scenario below tells a tale of two patients – Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf. They travel two very different paths through the ER. Mr. Statler went to an ER with no workflow orchestration, and endured hours of waiting and an overnight stay. Mr. Waldorf’s health system used intelligent workflow orchestration to prioritize his study appropriately, resulting in an experience that lasted only a few hours. Take a look at the potential impact of an intelligent workflow management system on their patient journeys:



As you can see, Mr. Waldorf’s path was shorter and less complicated while Mr. Statler suffered through nearly a two-day ordeal, and probably spent significant time wondering what was happening and whether or not he was all right. And, every minute of delay increased his risk of a more serious complication and added cost to the hospital.

Numbers are one thing, but in a health system’s quest to provide higher quality and better outcomes, sometimes it helps to take a patient’s eye view.

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