60 Seconds with Todd Johnson: Clinical Intelligence in Radiology


Todd Johnson Executive Director of Radiology Product Development at McKessonPACS is a well-established commodity and in order for it to continue to advance and serve the imaging community, there is a need for vendors who are willing to push its traditional boundaries. With more than twenty years industry experience in strategy, product management and engineering, Todd Johnson, Executive Director of Radiology Product Development at Change Healthcare, has a distinct view on the potential and the possibility of what’s next.

An area of recent discussion within the industry centers on the system’s ability to harness intelligence from within the PACS, not to replace the expertise of the radiologist, but rather to enhance it. The key to successfully creating an intelligent radiology workflow is harnessing all of the available data related to patients and their images. This information can be divided into three categories:

  1. Patient and image data –includes all available patient data within hospital systems as well as the data inherent to the images themselves
  2. Radiologist data –includes harnessing the expertise of the radiologist in accurately identifying disease and managing a patient case
  3. Care team data – includes the identities of the care team, their clinical and procedural knowledge, and the patient’s location in the care process

Although PACS is a mature product, it is not standing still. As technology advances and as the needs of hospitals, care teams and patients change, PACS must also evolve. Integrating clinical intelligence into the diagnostic imaging workflow is just one area of investment for Change Healthcare as we explore how to bring PACS into the future.  Watch this video with Todd to learn more about our development philosophy.


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