McKesson Imaging and Workflow Solutions Group Named Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan

McKesson Medical Imaging Group is Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the YearSometimes, you’ve got to get creative. Like when you’re asked to help providers increase quality of care and help improve patient outcomes while reducing cost.

Indeed, we’ve found that creativity is the best way to generate customer value, and I am proud to announce that Frost & Sullivan reinforced that idea in its recent whitepaper describing its choice for McKesson as company of the year. In the whitepaper, “Amplifying the Value of Medical Imaging Services to the Enterprise through Efficient Workflow Solutions,” Frost & Sullivan makes the point that this notion is circular: creativity brings about customer value excellence, and customer value excellence reinforces the spirit of creativity.


Radiology Coding Patterns: A Wealth of Information

Radiology Coding Solutions Help Improve AccuracyThe more intricate the system, the more important it is to be able to identify patterns. Take radiology coding—already complex, it’s about to get more so with the ICD-10 changeover. But when you can sort through data to see the underlying patterns, it’s significantly easier to promote efficiency that may lead to accurate reimbursement.

The first step is moving communication between coders and radiologists away from manual systems like email and fax. With an automated system, such as a QICS, coders query physicians about tests or procedures by placing a notation in the system that immediately appears on the correct physician’s work list.


Living Business Continuity Plan Can Minimize Disruptions

Healthcare Business Continuity Plan Provides SecurityAlthough people in any industry will say that Business Continuity (BC) is important, those of us in healthcare recognize that any downtime is undesirable.

Admittedly, 100 percent uptime is an unrealistic goal, but we all should hold ourselves to the highest possible standard when patient care and safety are on the line. Business Continuity, in addition to Disaster Recovery or Resiliency Planning, is critical in every area of a hospital.


Customer Spotlight: Gonzales Healthcare Systems modernizes patient care using improved connectivity and integrated communications from McKesson’s Imaging Solutions

Medical Imaging at Gonzales Healthcare SystemsEditor’s Note: This article was originally published by Claudette Lew on Health IT Executive Forum and is republished here with permission.

Gonzales Healthcare Systems in Gonzales, Texas plays a vital role in the delivery of healthcare services to the surrounding communities and like larger, complex facilities, must strive to keep costs down while offering state-of-the-art medical technology. A 34-bed acute care hospital, Gonzales found McKesson’s medical imaging solutions flexible and scalable to suit a hospital of its size, helping Gonzales modernize the clinical care they offer to their patients.


Stop the (Money) Bleed: 3 Ways that Updating Your Imaging Software Helps Improve Healthcare ROI

Healthcare IT ROI Helps Stop Financial HemorrhagesHealthcare organizations have to make significant investments merely to keep operating. Replacing old equipment and updating software to stay compliant with regulations can feel like financial hemorrhages that can’t be cauterized. These money bleeds can be costly, with one-quarter of hospitals losing money on operations and the average operating margin at a slim 5.5 percent. Old, outdated PACS that operate in silos merely store images, unlike today’s sophisticated systems.

Investing in enterprise medical imaging software can help organizations as they endeavor to meet compliance goals and can help improve system health by offering a valuable return on investment (ROI). Here are three ways that updating or optimizing software can improve ROI at healthcare organizations.



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