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The Medical Imaging Talk Blog by Change Healthcare offers a wide variety of resources within the medical imaging industry. In our resources directory, you will find cardiology and radiology eBooks, whitepapers and webinars that offer insights and tips on the ever-changing enterprise imaging market. For leading healthcare insights, browse our resources below.

Cardiology and Radiology eBooks, Whitepapers and Webinars

Beyond Imaging: Key Components for a Holistic Enterprise Imaging Strategy

Beyond Imaging: Key Components for a Holistic Enterprise Imaging Strategy

In the ebook, Beyond Imaging: Key Components for a Holistic Enterprise Imaging Strategy, 19 industry experts share their insight and advice on the four key components that health systems must evolve and improve to create an enterprise imaging strategy.


Advancements in Diagnostic Imaging: Past Milestones to Future Possibilities

Innovations in diagnostic imaging

In Advancements in Diagnostic Imaging: Past Milestones to Future Possibilities, 11 of the industry’s best and brightest share insights about where we’ve been and where we’re headed in radiology. Topics covered include artificial intelligence and application integration, among others.


Leaders Speak on Cost of Ownership, Value-Based Care and More

13 Insights

Healthcare leaders face numerous challenges as they seek out ways to reduce costs while improving patient care. In this eBook, 13 healthcare experts share their insight about how to overcome their main challenges in 2015.


Diagnostic Imaging Trends You Must Watch Closely


In the diagnostic imaging department, every challenge presents an opportunity for leaders willing to take initiative and embrace new technologies and care models. Download this webinar to help make sure your organization is living up to its full strategic potential.


Some Practical Advice on Image Results and Meaningful Use Stage 2


This whitepaper offers a crash course on meaningful use, provides practical advice on image results and explains what evidence you need to show. Click here to make sure your organization is taking advantage of this expert advice.


The Evolving Enterprise Imaging Market

The Evolving Enterprise

While healthcare IT solutions are increasingly robust, many organizations do not utilize the data they aggregate to its fullest potential. Download this e-book to learn how you can maximize your enterprise imaging market today.


From the ER to the OR: Integrating Radiology Across the Enterprise

From ER to OR

In this e-book, you will learn a plethora of helpful information, ranging from better controlling patient data to leveraging data management for departmental efficiencies. Download to help ensure your organization is enhancing productivity, customer satisfaction and profits.


General Medical Imaging Resources

These resources range from information for beginners new in the field to professionals with extensive knowledge seeking to expand their knowledge base:

Radiology Resources

Journals and publications in the list of resources below provide news and updates pertaining to the latest radiological breakthroughs and technology:

Medical Imaging Magazines and News

Find a variety of imaging information, including the latest advancements and technology, by browsing the selection below:

Medical Imaging Journals and Associations

Browse this section to find journals and associations with a special focus on medical imaging. The focuses of these various sites range from neuroradiology to nuclear medicine and are designed to provide value for industry professionals at all stages of their careers:

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