Diagnostic Imaging Trends You Must Watch Closely

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While all aspects of healthcare have been buffeted by the winds of change, diagnostic imaging departments have been particularly hard hit. Physicians and patients are scrutinizing tests more closely, worried about radiation doses and out-of-pocket costs. Competition for imaging contracts is fierce among hospitals, radiology groups, national providers and independent imaging centers. Imaging departments also face greater demands for quick turnaround times, subspecialty reads and 24/7 access.

However, every challenge presents an opportunity for leaders willing to take initiative and embrace new technologies and new care models.

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Applied Radiology Webinar: Value-Based Care in Radiology: The First Steps

George Vallillee, B.S., M.B.A., Manager of Radiology Information Solutions, Spectrum Health, discusses the early steps Spectrum Health Radiology has taken in the journey towards Value-Based Care and shares their success story in the making. He describes the patient safety aspect of supporting VBC and how they used “LEAN” processes to affordably and substantively improve patient safety for those times when systems fail. Located in Grand Rapids, Mich., Spectrum Health is an Integrated Delivery Network with 11 Hospitals, 1080 employed physicians, 2000 Beds, and nearly 22,000 staff members.

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