The Evolving Enterprise Imaging Market

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The evolution of radiology has come at a time when demands for quality and safety are reaching a crescendo. An integrated informatics strategy is critical to supporting population health, patient safety, quality improvement and enhanced resource management.

While healthcare IT solutions are increasingly robust, many organizations do not utilize the data they aggregate to its fullest potential—yet.

In the radiology e-book, The Evolving Enterprise Imaging Market, by McKesson, you will learn how:

  • Analyzing data enabled one organization to implement point-of-service clinical decision support
  • Energizing healthcare IT departments is changing the way care is delivered in the military
  • Empowering physicians and reducing strain on infrastructure costs is possible with mobile technology
  • Utilizing next generation analytics will help with dose management in the future

and more.

As healthcare systems face diminishing reimbursements and the emergence of payment models, radiology departments are increasingly tracking and reporting on a wide array of analytics, ranging from quality to utilization.

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