Vendor-Neutral Medical Imaging Means Solid Industry Growth


Medical ArchivesVendor neutral archives (VNAs) and enterprise imaging repositories are generating increasingly higher profits in the medical imaging sector. According to a study by global growth partnership and research firm, Frost & Sullivan, the VNA market earned revenues of $110.5 million in 2011 and estimates this to reach $210.0 million by 2018.

The study also states that the enterprise picture archiving and communication system (PACS) market, comprised primarily of existing PACS vendors, earned revenues of $77.4 million in 2011 and projects growth of $168.2 million by 2018.

Imaging Informatics a Substantial Growth Segment

There are four main reasons for the acceleration of medical imaging data requirements:

  1. Increasing average study volumes
  2. Evolving regulatory guidelines
  3. Growing imaging patient population
  4. Continuing reliance on imaging by the clinical enterprise

The speed with which the market is growing places the enterprise image repository and the VNA in the healthcare spotlight.

“Although they have been around for about 10 years, VNAs have been expanding only gradually into the marketplace – mostly following top-down expansion. However, market adoption is accelerating with the major PACS vendors moving more decisively and proactively into enterprise archives,” said Nadim Daher, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

“In the wake of ongoing IT consolidation of distributed hospital organizations, enterprise medical image archives are making their way into the marketplace, creating a sizeable growth segment for imaging informatics,” Daher added.

Supporting a Multi-Platform Environment

As healthcare collaboration evolves, becoming a critical element to providing quality patient care, the ability to store and share data enterprise wide and between distinct healthcare systems will play a vital role.

Designed to reduce the complexity of integrations and interfaces, McKesson Enterprise Image Repository™ facilitates image data sharing throughout the enterprise with:

  • Single point of distribution/EMR integration for medical imaging data
  • Single system for all PACS to access image data
  • Single view of patient image data across the enterprise
  • Medical imaging data sharing between disparate healthcare enterprises or systems

In what ways is medical imaging expanding within your health care system? Please share your thoughts with a comment below.

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