HIMSS 2016 Preview: Transforming the Future of Enterprise Imaging


Enterprise Imaging HIMSS 2016There’s an ancient Chinese saying, “may you live in interesting times.” The idea is that — at least on a macro level — predictability is better. Predictability means stability, boring, and enjoying the status quo. Interesting times are times of upheaval and change — maybe not always for the better.

These are undeniably interesting times for the healthcare industry. The advent of value-based care challenges radiologists to take a more holistic view of patient health. That means fundamental changes in radiology workflow — how we store images and patient information, and how we use the data to perform our work.

But these interesting times are an opportunity — a chance to improve on the status quo.

Currently, a patient’s overall health picture is a puzzle, with pieces stored in multiple data silos throughout the health care system. If we can efficiently pull the data together, we can assemble the puzzle pieces for an all-inclusive picture. In that way, diagnostic imaging becomes enterprise imaging, a longitudinal view of patient health focused on outcome over volume.

At McKesson, we are committed to broadening the scope of data available to radiologists, empowering them to participate more meaningfully in value-based care. In the past, radiologists have by default had a limited view of overall patient health record.

Core radiology systems store, at most, prior reports related to the same diagnosis, and frequently only the images themselves. The rest of the patient’s background — crucial context for value-based care — is scattered across clinical systems. Radiologists have to gather that information in a time-consuming, labor-intensive process.

At HIMSS 2016, we will showcase Conserus™, our suite of flexible, vendor-neutral solutions that work within any customer’s current healthcare IT environment, to help improve imaging clinical effectiveness, resource utilization and quality. The unique capabilities in Conserus help to orchestrate workflows by enabling interoperability between existing systems, helping the transition from volume to value-based care. The latest Conserus solution, Conserus Imaging Fellow, brings relevant clinical data from multiple systems across the organization to the point of care in order to help streamline and optimize the clinical decision making process and diagnosis quality. Conserus solutions also include flexible quality and communication workflows, an enterprise worklist driven by clinical and business logic, enterprise image repository, clinical data exchange and more.

If you are attending the conference, there are four opportunities to connect with McKesson:

  1. Schedule a demo in advance to see Conserus™ in action
  2. Visit booth 4002 to explore our solutions for imaging workflow orchestration and interoperability.
  3. Attend Session 92, Aligning the Enterprise and Medical Imaging: A Collaborative Approach, featuring Tomer Levy, MBA from McKesson Imaging and Workflow Solutions and Evan Kaminer, MD from Nyack Hospital in New York.
  4. Visit the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase™ at Booth 11952 in Exhibit Hall G. McKesson is participating in this showcase, the largest interoperability education destination on the exhibit floor.

Healthcare is a dynamic industry, and it’s changing faster than ever before, presenting new opportunities for a collaborative, interconnected approach to patient health. McKesson is dedicated to facilitating the interoperability and connectivity that can enable better outcomes for patients. These are indeed interesting times. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Contact McKesson today to schedule a Conserus™ demonstration.

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