The Top 5 Posts on the Medical Imaging Blog in 2016


Top 5 Medical Imaging PostsWe created the Medical Imaging Talk Blog to participate in the most vital discussions in the health care industry. In 2016, there was a lot to talk about.

The switch to value-based care was at the top of most health providers’ minds. Imaging departments in particular saw the need to restructure their operations and reporting procedures to increase efficiency and prove value.

Enterprise imaging hit a tipping point as well, dominating the industry conversation. As health systems looked for ways to increase efficiency, improve outcomes, and lower costs, VNA and PACS solutions were hot topics.

Our readers came to the blog seeking analysis of these and many other trends in the industry. Here are the five posts you visited the most in 2016.

  1. The 4 KPIs You Need to Run a Successful Radiology Imaging Department

Restructuring of the radiology department doesn’t stop at rethinking workflows. Radiology needs to set new priorities, and develop new ways of measuring progress toward goals, to thrive in a value-based environment. The metrics outlined in this article can help your radiology department improve outcomes and prove its value.

  1. A Tale of Two Patients: How Intelligent Radiology Workflow Can Help Improve Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction

Most of the time, radiologists’ experience with workflows happens behind the scenes, away from actual patients. This post sought to explore what efficient workflows look like from a patient perspective. The infographic shows how intelligent workflows can turn a stressful overnight stay into a relatively simple outpatient visit.

  1. Mining the Value from Radiology Innovations

The question weighing on everybody’s mind at RSNA 2016 was simple: How can radiologists drive more value out of the patient care experience? In this thought-provoking blog post, Ashish Sant delivers next steps for radiology and value-based care.

  1. Data Security Integral to Change Healthcare Solutions

89% of healthcare organizations and 60% of business associates have experienced a data breach in the past two years – but what does this mean for imaging departments? Learn how McKesson Cardiology™ and McKesson Radiology™ can help reduce security risks in your organization.

  1. Change Healthcare Imaging & Workflow Solutions (IWS) Named Company of the Year — Again

We were honored to receive a Company of the Year award from global consulting firm, Frost & Sullivan. This post was more than a back-patting announcement, however. Our VP of Marketing and Portfolio, Scott Galbari, answered questions about what the award means for Change Healthcare and for the industry.

This past year was an eventful one for medical imaging, and there are plenty of changes on the horizon for 2017. We will strive to make the Medical Imaging Talk Blog an even more useful resource for our readers throughout the year and beyond. Thank you for reading, and please subscribe to the blog to stay in the conversation with us.

(McKesson Technology Solutions is now Change Healthcare)

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