Seven Features Every RIS Must Have


RIS - Radiology information systemThese days, it’s almost impossible to imagine a medical imaging practice without a radiology information system (RIS). Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to imagine practices with a sub-standard RIS. Medical imaging practices should look for these seven features in an RIS before buying or upgrading one:

  • Pre-Loaded and Customizable Tables. No one in a radiology department has time to create all the tables the department needs, which is why an RIS should come with the most common tables pre-loaded. But it should also allow the department to easily manipulate basic templates to meet its unique needs. 
  • Comprehensive Workflow Coverage. Scheduling, ordering, dictation, charge preparation, and so on: A top-of-the-line RIS will take all of these workflow functions into consideration – and maybe even include some that are easy to overlook.
  • Full integration with a PACS. If a radiology department’s PACS and an RIS can’t talk to each other, someone – or a lot of people – will have to spend a lot of hours transferring data from one to the other.
  • Integration with an EMR. The push for more and better integration of healthcare services will only get stronger in the coming months and years.
  • Quick Installation. 12 weeks – that’s the longest it should take to install an RIS system and train people to use it. Smaller practices can expect an even faster installation.
  • Substantial Return on Investment. Buying or upgrading a RIS demands significant capital. But the right RIS improves efficiency, reduces overhead costs, and allows a radiology department to expand its customer base.

Whether you’re replacing your current RIS, switching to an enterprise-wide solution or investigating RIS for the first time, it makes financial sense to partner with a vendor who can provide a dependable, profitable solution for your facility.

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