HIMSS 2018 Preview: Security, Business Intelligence & Interoperability


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Technological breakthroughs are transforming healthcare, but whether that transformation improves patient care or not, is another matter. Figuring out how to leverage new technologies in a way that benefits patients is an ongoing challenge. It’s also a common theme at the 2018 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference and exhibition March 5-9.

There are so many people working on solutions to ensure information technology lives up to its potential that 2018 HIMSS is like a World’s Fair for all things related to healthcare IT. Its scale and scope is dazzling, with more than 300 educational sessions and 1,300 vendors.

While there are a wealth of options at the event, we invite you to hear:

  • Tomer Levy, vice president, strategic portfolio management, Change Healthcare speak about artificial intelligence and enterprise imaging at the Google Partner Forum in Google’s booth #2829 from 12 to 12:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 6. Immediately following, please come to Change Healthcare booth #4202 to learn more about our solutions.   

Other conference subjects we’d like to call your attention to are cybersecurity, clinical and business intelligence, and interoperability. These are areas are foundational for physician practices, health systems, and related enterprises.

Cybersecurity for Virtual Vaults

Protecting the privacy of patients’ data is essential because of HIPAA, as is ensuring IT systems are safe from unauthorized users. This is particularly important because the use of cloud-based computing solutions is growing, and more healthcare systems and devices are connected to the cloud.

Security breaches were high in the headlines in 2017. No one wants to see a repeat of what happened to the National Health Service for England and Scotland, when a global ransomware attack crippled key systems, including telephones and patient records.

There are a range of sessions on security at 2018 HIMSS that speak to policies, procedures, workflow, and management of health information. In addition, there are sessions on the privacy and security topics that emerge from the use of technology in the clinical and business workflow, along with a Cybersecurity Command Center with some 70 vendors.

For those looking for a more indepth experience, come to our booth #4202 and explore how our solutions can address your cybersecurity challenges. We’re eager to share our expertise with you. Even better, talk directly with our customers. John Zuziak, Chief Information Security Officer for the University of Louisville Hospital, Louisville, KY, will be available to share his hospital’s experience with our solutions.

Research shows that improving cybersecurity is keeping healthcare leaders awake at night. An HIMSS survey conducted in 2016 found two-thirds of respondents had experienced a recent significant security incident, but they had only an average level of confidence in being prepared to defend against such attacks.  

Whether it’s security for medical devices and electronic health records, identifying security gaps in your systems, or catching up on emerging security trends, cybersecurity touches just about every aspect of healthcare.

Clinical and Business Intelligence in Action

It’s not easy to turn raw data into measurable clinical and business improvements. The amount of data is overwhelming and is only growing. Sorting through it to find the nuggets that make a difference is a big task. You need the right tools, technologies, and strategies to optimize efficiencies, patient outcomes, and business value. In addition, it’s important to develop a data-driven culture to drive ongoing success.

This process is a journey, and there’s nothing like learning from those who have walked the walk. HIMSS offers a wealth of sessions with leaders who have leveraged data to achieve meaningful clinical and business results. Results like reducing 30-day readmissions with predictive modeling, or saving millions of dollars by equipping executives with data-driven insights.

Successfully managing data in a way that improves patient care and lowers costs is the holy grail of healthcare. You don’t have to search for the answers alone. Meet with us at our booth #4202 and discover how our departmental and analytics solutions turn healthcare data into timely, actionable insights that optimize revenue, cost, and quality performance.  


“Standards” is the watchword these days. Voluntary standards are being adopted so that products and solutions like electronic medical records (EMRs), medical devices and imaging systems can all talk to each other. This interoperability or the ability to integrate data to work with established platforms is making it easier to enable innovations like secure data transport, Google-style search for EMRs, and open data sharing for collaborative work.

There are plenty of challenges remaining due to various adoption levels. For instance, the variety of network and transport choices for health information exchanges can create barriers to sharing patient data. In addition, data standardization has yet to reach information systems like clinical trial registries, which will need to be able to share data in order to implement new payment models and performance measurements.

There is much to learn about the status of interoperability in the industry. In addition to educational sessions on the topic, the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase offers real-world demonstrations of how collaborative data-sharing among multiple organizations is being used in real-world settings like cancer treatment, public health, opioid addiction care, and more.

At 2018 HIMSS many important healthcare information issues are brought to the forefront. Cybersecurity, clinical and business intelligence tools, and the interoperability of products and solutions, are of particular importance. They are essential as we work to ensure new technological breakthroughs improve patient care and deliver business efficiencies.

Contact Change Healthcare or join us at HIMSS booth #4202 and learn how Change Healthcare’s holistic suite of enterprise solutions can help solve your imaging challenges with proven interoperability that ensures clinically appropriate care through enhanced workflows.  

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