National Digital Teaching Library Possible with Radiology PACS


Gone are the days of radiologists keeping a file cabinet full of interesting imaging cases to use when junior radiologists required examples of particular conditions.

With a growing number of hospitals installing radiology Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), this former teaching method has all but disappeared.

But while the method may be gone, the teaching practice can still exist and thrive, according to a recent article by Nicola Strickland of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

The article appeared in a recent issue of Medical Imaging Technology and was commissioned by McKesson. It suggests the creation of a national digital teaching library, which would contain images contributed by radiologists with varied experience from across the country.

Of course, with any new idea comes a few hurdles. Among them:

  • All radiology PACS would need to connect to the same digital library.
  • Additions to the library would need to be performed as part of the normal radiology workflow.
  • Radiologists would need a way to contribute and review cases directly from their radiology PACS monitors.

In order to overcome these hurdles, sophisticated software will be required, Strickland suggests.

The Medical Imaging Technology article identifies the McKesson Horizon Study Share™ as an example of a software solution that could be used to create such a digital library. Because Horizon Study Share is web-based medical imaging software system, radiologists could access the library from anywhere on their own PACS monitor.

To learn more about the road to a national digital teach library, access the full issue of Medical Imaging Technology.

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