Radiology Benchmarking: Improve Processes & Performance


Often times, the only way to see how efficiently things are running is by comparing yourself to others.  By finding and identifying “best practices” in any medical field, radiology especially, it allows you a guidepost that can help you identify areas of your operations that are working well, and areas that need a lot of work.  Benchmarking in radiology can be a difficult practice as radiology departments all over the country and rest of the world are using completely different standards that relate to their work output or workload.   It remains an important, if not crucial, aspect of organizational strategy.

In order to remain successful in a Healthcare IT environment that is always innovating, always advancing and extremely fast paced, balance is required.  A balance is needed between reimbursements, rising study volumes, new technology, all the way down to customer expenditures and the actual time of the radiologists involved.  This balance is crucial as radiology is a massive portion of hospitals revenue and costs.  Here are some of the questions benchmarking in radiology can help answer:

  • How do you compare to your goals?
  • How do you compare to your peers?
  • Are your technologies handling the work volume efficiently?
  • What is the impact of technology to your radiologist’s workflow?
  • What improvements should you make to give you the best return on value?

Once the radiology benchmarking is complete, you will not only have the answers to those questions, but also a great deal of benefits.  Everything from optimizing your overall financial, operational and clinical performance, to the ability to share truly best practices with the radiology community will be the end result.

If you’re ready to start providing clear and important insight into the areas of opportunity waiting in your radiology department, check out McKesson’s Radiology Benchmarks CollaborativeTM (RBC).  It offers you an automated benchmarking service that is perfectly suited to provide you healthcare benchmarks and business intelligence.

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