Proposed Electronic Health Record (EHR) Testing & Compliance Rule Gets Positive Reaction From HIT Leaders


Health care IT leaders are standing behind the new rule proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services concerning the testing and certifying of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), according to an article on HealthLeaders Media. The rule, which was proposed and released in March, would turn over the certification process to a private sector, as well as provide a fast-track certification timeline and the ability to have EHRs certified from multiple vendors.

The rule would create a two-step EHR certification process:

1. First, organizations could get certified much quicker to meet deadlines to apply for the first round of meaningful use stimulus funding. The first round of funding would occur as soon as October for hospitals and Jan. 1, 2011 for physicians and other eligible professionals.

2. In phase two, the testing and certification would be transferred to private sector organizations.

HealthLeaders Media spoke with health care IT leaders from across the US, who by and large support the proposed rule. Health care IT leaders cited a number of benefits:

  • Not only could financial incentives be provided more quickly, but patient care could be enhanced more quickly as well.
  • Because meaningful use is a highly complex process, government would be slower to adapt to changes in technology
  • Private certification organizations have worked well in other similar situations.

Tell us, do you support the new proposed rule regarding testing and certifying of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)?

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