Mobile Solutions for a Modern Hospital


 McKesson Mobile Leading the healthcare technology trends for 2013 are mobile devices. Hospitals benefit from technologies that allow physicians to do work on-the-go. McKesson understands this benefit and has a new solution in its Horizon Patient Folder™ product line that helps hospitals decrease deficient records.

Speed Up Deficiency Completion

This new technology provides doctors and hospitals a mobile advantage with the ability to complete documentation across wireless platforms, including iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® devices.

The mobile application includes robust functionality to sign and edit documents, help decrease deficiencies and view pertinent patient demographic data via the selected device. In addition, it uses badge-push notifications to alert users that deficiencies exist. Physicians have a quicker and more simplified way to see the number of pending deficiencies without logging into a computer.

Horizon Patient Folder Mobile Deficiency Completion™ also helps improve cash flow by enabling physicians to complete document deficiencies, such as missing signatures. Additional benefits may include:

Hospital Benefits:

  • Potential decreases in DNFB and DNFC
  • Potential reduction in AR days for better cash flow
  • Innovative use of technology to help improve physician experience
  • Promotes increase in admissions by attracting community physicians
  • Highly-intuitive, highly-productive and no fee option for physicians to improve physician experience

Physician Benefits:

  • Helps improve convenience of completing deficiencies
  • Enhances  communication of existing deficiencies through badge-push notifications
  • Potential to provide additional clinical documentation through the completion of missing-text deficiencies
  • May remind physicians of missing clinical documentation through the completion of dictation deficiencies

Security Features:

All access to the application is controlled via login credentials through Horizon Patient Folder controlled by Active Directory*.

  • No patient data is stored on the device
  • All data transport is encrypted to ensure security of patient information
  • Advanced administration features for Administrators to access real-time information

*Must be on HPF version 15.0 or higher to use Active Directory

It’s the right time. It’s the right place.

Visit booth #8247 at HIMSS13 in the Mobile Solutions Knowledge Center to get an up-close introduction to Horizon Patient Folder Mobile Deficiency Completion™ on March 4th – 6th.

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