Medical Imaging Transforms Patient Care in Ireland


Hospitals in the United States and Canada are not the only countries moving quickly into the digital world. Ireland represents the latest to embrace medical imaging on a national scale. With the new National Integrated Medical Imaging System (NIMIS), the delivery of health care services is more informed and more connected than ever.

Each of us accumulates a number of medical records based on hospital encounters, doctor’s visits, x-rays and other medical images. No matter what the care setting, caregivers need unrestrained access to a patient’s complete medical record.

There exist 3.5 million medical imaging records in Ireland, growing at a rate of 5% per year. It was determined that their current PACS/RIS were ineffective in handling high-volume radiology studies. According to Prof. Neil O’Hare, Chief Physicist/NIMIS Programme Lead, Health Service Executive, Ireland had a history of implementing solutions in hospitals independently; there was no particular logic to how records were handled.

Under O’Hare’s direction, the country deployed a standardized national solution rapidly across multiple locations. For those hospitals without a PACS/RIS system, the NIMIS would replace film processing and storage with fully-featured integrated digital imaging capabilities and with supporting tools for radiology, cardiology and mammography.

Those hospitals with legacy systems would now be connected to this advanced enterprise medical imaging solution and an entire network of health care facilities across the country.

In the video above, you’ll hear how McKesson Enterprise Medical Imaging is transforming the way health care is being delivered to the citizens of Ireland in a way it’s never been done before.

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