Video: How Sharing Medical Imaging Data Cross-Departmentally Helps Reduce Costs


There’s a growing need to share data within as well as outside the department where the medical images are generated. An increase in diagnostic processes that require medical imaging, as well as a greater demand for information from referring physicians, means easy sharing of image data is essential.

CIOs are under pressure to reduce costs. The need to consolidate, distribute and share data across multiple departments and/or facilities creates tremendous economies of scale when a single system is managing all that data. Simply put, an enterprise imaging repository can bring down costs through central management.

For example, four large hospitals perform 700,000 procedures per year just between the cardiology and radiology departments. That requires a massive amount of data storage. Imagine the savings just one hospital system could enjoy when it can manage its storage growth from one platform?

Features that support this data sharing were showcased at the 2012 Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) meeting and you can learn more about them by watching the video above.

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