Medical Imaging Confidence Could Use a Boost


medical Imaging confidence index, The Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI), sponsored by The MarkeTechGroup LLC and The Association for Medical Imaging Management, comes out of a quartely online survey of radiology department managers from around the country. The index ranges from zero – representing zero confidence in the medical imaging market – to 200. In general, scores below 50 are worrisome, scores around 100 reflect ambivalence, and scores above 150 represent high confidence.

Not surprisingly, many of the scores for 2011 have been on the lower end of the spectrum and don’t show signs of going up:


2011 Q1

2011 Q2

2011 Q3

Will grow monthly volume in diagnostic and interventional radiology 105 106 104
Will receive adequate reimbursement from Medicare for diagnostic and interventional imaging 71 65 65
Internal operating and staff costs will remain constant 128 129 127
Will have access to capital for imaging equipment and IT needs 93 89 87
Will maintain/grow as a profit center 124 121 124

It is clear that confidence in reimbursement is quite low and, given the uncertainties surrounding health care reform and Medicare policy, does not appear to be trending upward. Such low confidence – along with the ongoing difficuty of obtaining loans – hampers investments in capital equipment, better software, staff training, and all sorts of other potential improvements.

However, low growth or no growth is not the same as declining revenues and a shrinking market.

What type of confidence will the fourth quarter of 2011 inspire? Stay tuned – we’ll report the numbers in early January 2012.

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