Change Healthcare CVIS Revolutionizes a Hospital’s Medical Imaging


CVIS - Medical ImagingWhat can a CVIS do? “With Horizon Cardiology…I can instantly see everything I need from one reading station. As soon as I sign the report, it’s instantaneously in the electronic patient record,” says William Suarez, chief of pediatric cardiology and associate professor at Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. And for him, that was a huge change.

Before Mercy implemented the CVIS from Change Healthcare, its pediatric cardiologists regularly dealt with damaged video cassettes, slow couriers, and difficulty comparing multi-modality images. The last problem was especially troublesome, for it made it difficult to compare images of children as they grew.

Change Healthcare’s Horizon Cardiology™ CVIS brought the following improvements to Mercy almost immediately:

  • High-quality images. One physician noted that the digital images were “ten times” better than traditional video images.
  • Easy access. Clinicians can access images and reports from any computer on the hospital network, or securely from another facility, office or even home.
  • Efficiency. The CVIS enables cardiologists to read and re-measure images, and finalize a report right after patient scanning (even for patients at another facility), resulting in a reduced turnaround time from days (even weeks) to minutes.
  • Easy comparison. Multiple multi-modality studies can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Easy consultation. Doctors at different locations can view images and reports simultaneously or at their own convenience.
  • Better patient care. Images that indicate the necessity for surgery or other procedures are read and reported on within minutes, not days.
  • More time with family. Cardiologists can read and report from their  home computer enabling them to more easily schedule work time around family commitments.
  • Savings. The CVIS provides a significant cost savings by no longer creating and mailing film images and tapes.

For more information about Mercy Children’s Hospital’s use of Horizon CVIS, see this article in Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology and our own case study.

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