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CVIS and the NCDRA recent article in Cath Lab Digest highlights the importance of having a good CVIS.

The National Cardiovascular Data Registry® (NCDR), run by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) in cooperation with other cardiovascular associations, is one of the many excellent medical tools made possible by advances in information technology. Participating hospitals and practices send pertinent clinical and demographic data to NCDR, which is then aggregated with similar data from around the country, analyzed, and published quarterly.

Currently, ACC maintains six NCDR registries, although there are plans to add more.

The registry is invaluable for the cardiology field. At one glance, researchers can see trends of care and opportunity for improvement of care. They can narrow their gaze – looking only in one state, for example, or only at women over 65.

Individual cardiology practices benefit too. By looking at the national and regional scene, they can quickly ascertain where they are doing well or where they might be able to their patient care.

It’s hard to find a cardiologist who is against NCDR, but it’s easy to find one who complains about the added burden of data entry. Cath labs are busy places where the focus is on the patient, not on recording data. That’s why McKesson’s CVIS streamlines data collection, so that 1) It only has to be entered once and 2) It conforms to the NCDR standards.

McKesson’s CVIS is also fully compatible with most electronic health records (EHRs), which further reduces the need for repeat data entry.

If your cath lab doesn’t have a CVIS or if your CVIS is out-of-date, it’s quite expensive to enjoy the benefits of NCDR. Check our Q&A page for helpful information about selecting a CVIS vendor. You can also request a personalized demo of McKesson’s CVIS.

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