Leveraging Data Management for Departmental Efficiencies


medical imaging softwareThere’s no question that providing more information has the potential to make a radiologist more proficient and allows for improved quality of care through organizational efficiencies when high-level analytics, e.g. medical imaging data, are available.

Through medical imaging software, radiologists, technologists, administrators and other clinical stakeholders have immediate access to nearly everything they need to manage the diagnostic imaging process with greater efficiency than if they were to cull data from multiple sources.

Say “Goodbye” to Healthcare Silos

The typical single-silo healthcare system provides only a narrow scope of healthcare efficacy for a hospital or department. Given the advent of episodic care and bundled reimbursement, in order to deliver relevant, actionable information, healthcare providers need data integrated from all departments into a single database that can be probed for the specifics of the patient history.

Having all that information from various systems readily available would improve the radiologist’s quality of interpretation, minimize medical billing errors and improve customer satisfaction with better delivery of patient care.

RIS/PACS software solutions typically include a full range of modules for radiology departments and medical imaging facilities of all sizes and complexities to efficiently manage data silos.

Through technology and training, radiologists and other technologists can schedule cross-departmentally, manage orders, offer dictation and signature capabilities, and prep hospital charges. This integrated, feature-rich medical imaging software also makes it possible to import medical images to build a complete electronic health record (EHR) providing the health practitioner actionable information.

Say “Hello” to Your Automated Resident

A digital platform provides health practitioners with complete, deliverable, accessible information to help them become more effectual, without negatively influencing patient care.

Clearly, “anytime, anywhere” access aids compliance and improves operational efficiencies, thereby increasing profitability. When a department can speed up training and improve workflow through an intuitive user interface, it has the potential to boost your bottom line.

Proactive Stance in Medical Imaging

By staying on top of “mission critical” data, the integrity of our platform allows for a more efficient and effective workflow across the entire radiology department. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, we’re dedicated to taking a proactive stance in addressing future requirements in the medical imaging software arena.

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