Kinson Ho Q&A: Understanding and Addressing Data Management Challenges with a Vendor Neutral Archive – Part 3 of 3


An Enterprise Imaging Conference SessionAs we’ve already heard from Kinson Ho, Software Architect at Change Healthcare , there are many factors that should be considered when implementing and deploying a VNA. The role of industry standards and the importance of data  integrity should be well thought out and planned so a VNA deployment will have maximum positive impact on your clinical and business operations.  In today’s video, Kinson will tackle three more questions that will be of particular interest to anyone struggling with how to manage multiple ordering systems and master patient identifiers.

In today’s consolidation-driven environment, facilities can find themselves in a scenario that includes a number of ordering systems and image sources, and the images coming from these disparate sources use different patient identifiers. In order to ensure all of a patient’s images are available, any modern VNA needs the capability to determine which images belong to each individual patient, even when faced with conflicting identifiers for.


In some instances, an EMPI or an EMR will provide a master patient identifier, but no matter which system you’re using, there will always be cases that need quality assurance. In these scenarios, VNAs should facilitate image file reconciliation through a combination of internal algorithms and quality processes. A VNA that includes this functionality will ensure that link patient records originating in disparate locations can be linked, which will give your radiologists and other end users access to entire longitudinal record.

Before you start implementing a VNA, make sure your strategy includes a clear policy and course of action that will ensure a consistent method of assigning unique patient identifiers to give your clinical users the best and most complete data set available.

Watch Kinson’s video for his advice on the importance of unique patient identifiers, clean data, and the standards that make it all possible. If you’re attending SIIM in Portland and want a deeper dive into these topics, join him as he participates as a panelist in two sessions hosted by Don Dennison.

Thursday June 30: “Developing an Imaging Record Quality Policy”
Friday, July 1: “Strategies for Dealing with Patient Identities in a Consolidated Enterprise

If you can’t attend the session live, come ask Kinson your questions in person at booth 309. There’s still time to register for a demo and talk to us about how to ensure your strategy is moving you towards an enterprise that is truly interoperable.

For more information, download the Conserus Image Repository brochure or visit our website to find out more about Change Healthcare’s enterprise solutions.

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