Kinson Ho Q&A: Understanding and Addressing Data Management Challenges with a Vendor Neutral Archive – Part 1 of 3



Kinson Ho, Software Architect at Change Healthcare

As ACO models and value based care become more established, physicians and IT leaders are united in their goals to increase efficiency and ensure better access to information. These goals are being driven in part by an industry-wide shift to a more holistic view of patient health focused on outcome rather than volume.

It’s a common assumption that better access to data will allow for more informed decisions related to patient care, and that implementing a VNA in the middle of a facility’s disparate systems will solve many problems. The VNA, after all, is the central data repository; it should act as a hub that connects information and makes it available to everyone who needs it.

The complicating factor in this picture is often the IT environment itself. While deploying a VNA is a good first step to managing your interoperability issues and taking control of your data, it’s only the beginning. VNAs in and of themselves are simply a tool – one element among many. It’s critical to understand that without a comprehensive enterprise imaging management strategy, the tool will not have the desired impact. When a VNA is acquired and deployed as the central architectural component of a well-defined environment, it can have a powerful downstream effect on both clinical and IT operations.

To help your health care system understand the types of issues they should consider when planning their VNA implementation, we sat down for a video interview with Kinson Ho, Software Architect at Change Healthcare .  Kinson is the author of two IHE Radiology Profiles and is the Co-chair of the IHE Radiology Technical Committee. He has over 15 years of experience in health care informatics and has developed his expertise in projects that include PACS, VNA and XDS as well as regional health integration projects. He also presents regularly at industry conferences such as SIIM and RSNA.


Watch the video segments for Kinson’s advice on interoperability, unique patient identifiers, industry standards and more. If you’re looking for a deeper dive into these topics, Kinson will also be participating as the technical expert on two panels hosted by Don Dennison at SIIM.

Thursday June 30: “Developing an Imaging Record Quality Policy”
Friday, July 1: “Strategies for Dealing with Patient Identities in a Consolidated Enterprise

If you’re going to be in Portland, make sure to attend his sessions or come see him in person at the Change Healthcare booth to learn more. Register now for a demo at Booth 309 and talk to our team about how to incorporate solutions for these issues into your enterprise strategy.

If you’re not attending SIIM, visit to learn more about Change Healthcare’s enterprise solutions.

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