How to Streamline Workflow to Help Improve Operational Efficiencies [Infographic]


From a macro perspective, enterprise imaging holds great promise for health systems. Moving to a seamless data-sharing model can improve communication and collaboration between departments, increase efficiency, and ultimately positively affect patient outcomes.

In addition to these system-wide benefits, enterprise imaging can specifically help imaging departments improve their operations. Streamlining imaging workflows should be a part of any enterprise imaging initiative. The ability to share information more quickly and easily, combined with intelligent workflow solutions, can dramatically increase the efficiency of imaging department operations.

For our latest eBook, Beyond Imaging: Key Components for a Holistic Enterprise Imaging Strategy, we consulted experts in imaging and health IT to learn how best to streamline workflows for enterprise imaging. See the infographic below for highlights from the conversation:



Enterprise imaging makes it possible for imaging departments to find new efficiencies in their workflows. Automated, intelligent workflow solutions can help increase operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

The paradigm shift of adopting enterprise imaging is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate the way imaging departments operate. With customizable, automated workflows, departments can make the most of enterprise imaging’s potential.

Download Beyond Imaging: Key Components for a Holistic Enterprise Imaging Strategy to read more insights about streamlined workflow.

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