Growing Transparency in Medical Imaging Access


Patient Accessing Medical Imaging Report Online

Written reports and most of a patient’s medical imaging files will now be available to them at the Cleveland Clinic where they are making electronic medical records (EMRs) far more transparent and accessible online.

MyChart, Cleveland Clinic’s online patient portal, offers patients access to the text portion of their medical imaging report, after-visit summary, medications list, allergies, immunization records, preventive care details and laboratory results. Other medical imaging reports such as MRI, mammogram and ultrasound are being released at the discretion of the ordering physician. The actual medical images are not transmitted through MyChart at this time.

Active Patient Engagement

“Our 21st century, value-based healthcare delivery system requires that patients are actively engaged in their health and healthcare decision-making,” said Toby Cosgrove, M.D., CEO and president of Cleveland Clinic. “It is our job to provide MyChart-activated patients with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about their own healthcare, under the guidance and expert advice of their physicians.”

A physician who releases new medical imaging reports or test results via the MyChart portal, may also include a note for the patient attached to the results or send a secure patient message to help the patient understand the significance of reports or test results.

Patients See What Their Doctor Sees

MyChart gives patients nearly complete access to medical imaging written records, pathology records and physician notes, along with a list of current health issues. Patients can view online nearly everything their doctor sees in their EMR.

In a recently released statement, Cleveland Clinic stated that their hope is to provide patients with convenient access to all of their medical data and medical imaging information. This will enable them to play a larger role in their own care and to better collaborate with their care teams.

Enhancing Patient-Clinician Connection

“We have to approach this change carefully and thoughtfully with the input of all involved in order to be sure that patients receive the appropriate, physician-guided education that will ensure they will fully understand the information they will see,” said C. Martin Harris, M.D., chief information officer. “By enhancing the connection between our patients and their clinicians, we will create new opportunities to use information to more fully engage our patients as active partners in their health and the decisions they make related to the care they receive.”

Benefits of MyChart include patients‘ ability to:

  • View their health summary, current medications, text portion of their medical imaging report and test results as released by their physician
  • Review past and upcoming appointments, as well as request and cancel appointments
  • Receive important health reminders
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Manage healthcare for loved ones with MyChart for Caregivers

What type of health information access does your organization provide patients?

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