5 Advantages of Enterprise Imaging Technology for Patients


Customer Care According to customer service experts Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke, authors of “Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service,” the following five key factors determine the vast majority of customer satisfaction with any given service:

  1. Reliability – the ability to provide the service that was promised and to do so dependably and accurately
  2. Responsiveness – the willingness and ability to help customers promptly
  3. Assurance – the sense of confidence, competence, and courtesy that the provider offers
  4. Empathy – the degree of caring and attention to individual customers
  5. Tangibles – the physical appearance of facilities and the quality of the equipment.

Our enterprise imaging solutions incorporate images and information from across medical specialties into a patient-centric view. So, you have all the relevant patient information you need at the point of decision-making. This leads to patient satisfaction in the areas mentioned above.

Reliability. Patient history, images, waveforms, reports and other important patient information helps the physician make confident, reliable decisions regarding patient care.

Responsiveness. Faster reporting capabilities leads to quicker diagnoses and treatment. When the physician is armed with complete data, the patient’s needs are met right at the point of care. The streamlined enterprise imaging PACS workflow leads to faster procedures and report turnaround, allowing patients and doctors to move more quickly to diagnosis and treatment.

Assurance. Improving clinical decision making improves patient safety by providing referring physicians with patient images as part of a complete medical record. Whether at a hospital for an examination or at an imaging center for a CT, patients will enjoy a faster, more efficient experience.

Empathy. According to Anderson and Zemke, showing empathy for customers allows the provider to be professional and caring at the same time. Empathy is seeing and treating each patient as an individual. With enterprise imaging helping to put all the relevant patient information at his or her fingertips, the physician has more time to spend with the patient while giving him the proper care he needs.

Tangibles. Knowing that their medical facility has the latest imaging technology is a high priority to a patient. This means that they no longer have to hunt down their own medical images from other providers; with a single repository for digital images, critical health information can no longer be lost, stolen or misfiled.

Ultimately, with the evolution of healthcare collaboration as a critical element of quality patient care, enterprise imaging enables image data sharing between disparate healthcare enterprises or systems, where such sharing is permitted. Ultimately the patient wins.

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